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Scipting problem (Ghetto Shop script)

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Hi, I'm having trouble trying to get this to work. My init.sqf only has one line of code exec "init-shop.sqf" for some reason nothing happens when I execute guntest.sqf


_unit123 setVariable ["cash", 1];


//this addAction[("<t color=""#660066"">" + ("Buy AK47") +"</t>"),"shop\guntest.sqf"]; <--- placed in object init
if (cash < 250) then
   Hint "You do not have enough money";
    _curcash = _unit123 getVariable "cash";
   _unit123 setVariable ["cash",_curcash - 250];
   gunlocker addWeaponCargo ["AK_47_M", 1];
   gunlocker addMagazineCargo ["30Rnd_762x39_AK47", 5];
   Hint "Check your gunlocker";

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