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Artillery towing/hauling? (Few Other Questions)

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I did a search, and while there are LOTS of references to artillery, I'm not seeing anything specifically about towing howitzers. Also I have a few other unanswered vehicle questions.

1. Playing the "Lost 5.3" mission, the D-30 arty unit is one of the 'vehicles' that randomly spawns in Chernarus. However, I have yet to find a truck that can tow or haul it. Is it possible to move artillery without dragging it?

2. When I man the gun on a vehicle (e.g., FV510 Warrior armored vehicle) and I'm in first person view, I don't see anyway to know how the tank chassis is aligned relative to my gun orientation. Am I missing something?

3. Is there a command key to cause the gun turret to swivel more quickly? paddling with my mouse is slow.

4. Everytime I disembark from my vehicle (e.g., to search a house or manipulate my gear cache), if I have any active crewmen in the vehicle, they automatically switch the vehicle lights on. This happens even if they are all NVG equipped. Is there a way to change my settings so this doesn't happen?

5. Watching some tutorial videos I see reference to "Locking the vehicle" so that crewmen don't bail when it gets hit. But I'm not seeing the option to do this.

6. I would like to tinker with making a few personal changes to teh Lost mission. I want to add more randomly generated static defense points for the AI, and then if I can get that to work, try to create triggered 'objectives' that involve defeating these static points. I love the mission (it is all I play really) but the lack of any AI static positions makes it feel a bit unrealistic.

I have fiddled with the editor just a bit, but I'm not sure how to make the Lost mission show up in my editor selection screen. If someone can point me to a very elementary "Getting Started at Mission Editing" page that would be great.

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