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1st Takistani Infantry *Opfor, Recruiting* (repost)

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Welcome to The 1st Takistani Infantry Regiment. Based in EST (with members from EU) we are a group of players that has got tired of the Blufor units. We instead formed around the Opfor Takistani Army. We aim to provide a rich milsim Opfor experience while focusing on the tactical fun side. There will be no "Sir", no paper work and no physical training.


Teamspeak 3: 1sttaki.teamspeak3.com

In Game Server: To be set up.

Website (Still in the works): http://www.1sttakistaniinfantry.com

Forum: http://www.1sttakistaniinfantry.com/forum/

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/1TIR

About Us:

In the 1st we focus on the fun tactical game play and professionalism while staying away from calling each other by rank or by "Sir". We want all of our members to feel equal and at the end of the day this is a Internet community that is work of fiction. We will be focusing around the infantry aspects of the game, how ever elements such as Helicopters, Armor and Artillery will be used when possible. We are basing our ranks and structure off of the Egyptian Army and other contemporary Middle Eastern militarizes. We also use a unit module that gives us units which are much more modern, not the post cold war Takistani Vanilla units.

Our Campaigns, Operations and Training will take place in the weekends. Usually around 6-8pmEST. We will play on our public server in the weekdays on game modes like Domination and MSO and play missions if the lads wish to but these will not be scheduled.


We do not follow an age criteria, anyone is welcome as long as they have a serious take on the game. We do not welcome kids that will team kill for the "lols". The requirements are as follows:

Arma 2 CO: You must own a legal copy of Arma 2 Combined Operations.

Teamspeak 3: Must have a working microphone and download the teamspeak 3 client.

Steam: Not a enfroced requirement but we like to contact members through steam and the steam group provides a nice event schedule.

Maturity: We do not believe in age restrictions, but you must show a ability to teamwork and be mature.

Future enlistment will be done through our website, until then we will handle enlistment through a simple teamspeak interview. To enlist you must do the following:

Either PM me on this forum or add me on steam: Diego1255

Or connect and contact someone on our teamspeak: 1sttaki.teamspeak3.com

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Due to several circumstances the 1st Takistani Infantry is currently disbanded and inactive.

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