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Operation Topgun- help needed-extreme frustration

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Halo to all. I have recently "played" operation, samrakent sth topgun. I started this special mission being on foot with a helicopter besides me and a fellow, I believe, soldier walking around me. After a minute or so he started walking away from me. During this time of me watching this AI no instructions were given to me as for this man but there was a checkpoint of some kind which wrote investigate and destroy, or something like that. Well I got on board my hello and flew there. There I saw a wounded soldier and another one standing. I got closer and although those guys were wearing the same uniform as me they started shooting at the chopper. Strange. So I shot them with some missiles and they were killed. Very nice. But then nothing happened although I got out of my chopper and I shut it down!?!?!?

Then I flew towards the guy that I saw before, and guess what he was doing. Yep he just kept on walking and walking like a lost tourist of some kind.......?????.......

But that's not all. What is the point of other AI helicopters flying, shooting each other and me apparently? I did not get it. Who are these guys?

Also, and sorry for tiring you, why is there a non flyable air zone, which if you breach, the hello is destroyed?

What on earth is that thing?

What am I supposed to do?

Thank you for your time.

Every bit of help will be appreciated.

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Hi if you are talking about the mission Sumrakent Topgun - so I think I owe you an answer because I made that stuff. Well this is basically a Multiplayer mission for guys who want to fly around in a light helicopter and shoot each other down. It is possible to play this mission in singleplayer (or MP alone) but there is no point to do this - as I said because of the PvP emphasis of the mission. I think I wrote somewhere in readme or in the thread with the mission that you can play it with AI activated, but its not recomended. Well basically you are supposed to get in your chopper, fly around and shoot the other guys up (AIs or human never mind). The behaviour of the AI in your case is really weird and all what I can tell is that I never experienced this while testing (but sorry its almost a year ago).

Ah and yes the restricted area is a place where a marker is stored which is managing the repair points at FARPs - and because approaching this marker there would turn the whole repair action into a crap I built a restricted area around it. In real life you would not be shoot down immediately when you enter a restricted area, but what a hell - its a game.

Hope I helped you a bit and sorry if you found my mission frustrating.

I dont know, but maybe it would be better to dicuss the mission directly in the mission thread?

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