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ramps and doors hatches - only the function - no new animaton for this

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ramps and doors - only the function not separate animaton for go in go out this is to many work ... and the problems - I know B.I.S !!!!

for what this - function doors and ramps hatches.....

for more game play more options in the battle, patrol, cut scenes , intros, missions or or ..

what i mean with doors and ramps on vehicles.

i think arma need the functionality for the game play in a simulated world.

at the moment - you see a car / abc / truck / ifv / copter or whatever. he hold ...for what ? comes guys out or not - go a guy in or not ?? is full ? come one or two .. or come only a driver out and i can fire. or come a complete group out ... ? little things where made the game round.

i will no new animations - ich will see go he in, or stand he only on the car.i will see it for my next decision. for report to my members.

go the ramp open and go the group in the abc or walk the group to an other. seconds for decision making.

can i fire on the abc and kill many from the groub members inside - or obs i fire all teleportet inside.

and i need functionality doors. bad thing in arma 2 hind copter - door oben or not soldiers go in and out . ....

door or ramp on abc. close you can not go in and not from inside out. open you can go in or out . and not only a nice eye catcher :p

and is a nice feature for the ai i think ;) at the moment he fire with handguns on bulletproof copters/ vehicles :p

with the feature the ai can maybe see ok doors go open - fire / or ohohoh i go better in a save position and stop the stupid fire action with handguns on a handgun armored battle vehicle ^^ and you have the chance to say ok - handgun fire i close the door and drive to an saver place. or i wait or waht ever.

short - door close, no in no out. open, go in or out. is a other teamplay experience. the old go in go out animations are enough for this. eye catcher not more.

the functionality doors, ramps and hatches are a immersion game play thing, is more then a nice to have.

other thinks are hatches ramps on the abc / ifv

this is essentially designed thing in armored vehicles - firefight over hatch ... arma need this for more fun for the group in cargo position, for fight enemy in driving , for give suppression fire , for better watch on the transport , for good feel in a patrol for all guys in the vehicle not only for gunner and driver ;) for many other things.

a option for the group members inside the cargo position, for seat chance - and on a seatposition with a hatch the option open hatch for look oudside with the weapon.

he need not new animations - nothing .

it has enough a click for open - then hatch go open, teleport playing piece in standing position on the seat. now i can turn me , look outside, can fire my weapons, can look with binoculars^^

for the good sight and hide, we have the new stances. is enough ;)

its time for a good round military game. make a diamond give him the functionality :yay:

my english is bad - sorry dudes :D :cool:



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my english is bad - sorry dudes

This was supposed to be in English ?

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I would also like to see functioning doors and hatches on vehicles if possible. It really adds a lot to both the immersion and gameplay, even if there aren't animations. No idea if this is something BI has planned, and if not then changing the vehicle models to support it will take a lot of work.

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I feel like OP had a lot of interesting points, however the language barrier prevented me from understanding all but one, which was "opening doors/hatches" on vehicles. I personally think at the very least, with doors/hatches, they'd be nice to have for cover. For instance, if you opened the doors of the humvee or something, had some very quick cheap concealment/cover. It'd make just a little bit harder for the enemy to cap you in the head if they can't get a clear shot past the door of the vehicle as you're getting out. It'd make vehicle play more interesting if implemented well.

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