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Getting max load of units/vests

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So I am working on a load out dialog-

http://img805.imageshack.us/img805/2493/arma320130318200019509.png (2242 kB)

And I am stuck on getting the max load of vests/units so I can set up the 3 inventory spaces like in the arma 3 inventory.

But I cannot find out how much a uniforms or a vest can store, backpacks have a "maximumload" value in their configs and then there is values for "mass" in almost all items which I assume is how much space said item will take up in an inventory.

And it looks like the inventory scripts are built into the engine, so how would I be able to tell via a script how much space a unit/vest can use?

Edit: Ok I found that under the vests/uniform config in ItemInfo there is a container class value which goes to a class under cfgVehicles that has the maximum load

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