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WARNING: Bohemia Interactive web pages affected by Java insecurity at 18.03.2013

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This evening someone managed to hack the server of some of our web pages, and uploaded malicious code hidden in java-script files.

This made use of an exploit in an older version of the Java plugin, creating an iframe and asking visitors to run the Java plugin.

Just in case, if you have visited one of the following webpages in the last 72 hours -










armedassault.com -

and were asked to run a Java plugin, please make sure to update your Java plugin to the latest version

(Version 7 - Update 17, available at http://java.com/download) and run your virus scanner as an extra precaution.

We also recommend you to update your browser and Flash.

The Bohemia Interactive forums (forums.bistudio.com) and Store.bistudio.com were NOT affected

and NO user information has been compromised.

We have currently taken the affected webpages down until we have resolved this issue.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

note: if you have more details about this attack or need help, please contact me over pm or email

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