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Reset Waypoint on Death

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Hello, long time since I posted here, this might be an easy question, but I did not really find what I was looking for when I tried searching so I decided to make a post about it.

I am currently trying to make some sort of Helicopter transport mission, where the player plays a pilot and transports AI in and out of the battlefield or other different locations.

So far I have just used the get in/get out waypoints, and it is working out when the first playthrough, The problem however arises after death, because the troops are supposed to respawn so I can return to camp and pick them up again. While they do respawn they still go straigth for their last waypoint and don't stand around waiting for me. So I am wondering how you can reset waypoint progression upon death, so that as soon as they respawn they just wait at the pickup waypoint until I arive back.

The waypoint progression for the player won't be any problem, because they will just cycle, so if the player die they just continue flying the helicopter once they respawn. The pickup waypoints are also synced which is why I am a bit unsure how to do this.

Hoping that I have described the problem well enough and that someone out there could give me an answer :)

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