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xbox 360 contoller - Dead zone

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I've just bought ToH and am liking it so far, the extra sim depth is making a nice step up in challenge from Arma 2 in which I have about 100 hours flying. I'm using an xbox 360 controller, as I do in Arma 2, and its working just fine, however the inputs seem more sensitive and I'm finding that my rotation stick isn't centring properly so i'm constantly having to make feather adjustments to try an centre it. Is there anyway to set a slight dead zone for the stick? I can't see anything in game or in the controller config utility in windows.

For information these are the custom control mappings I'm using (same as in Arma 2):

Cyclic Forward: Controller xbox y axis-

Cyclic Back: Controller xbox y axis+

Cyclic Left: Controller xbox x rotation-

Cyclic Right: Controller xbox x rotation+

Collective Raise (analogue): Controller xbox z rotation-

Collective Lower (analogue): Controller xbox z rotation+

Collective Raise: Controller xbox Stick Btn. #6

Collective Lower: Controller xbox Stick Btn. #5

Left pedal: Controller xbox x axis-

Right pedal: Controller xbox x axis+

as you can see i'm using x rotation for banking, so the poor centring is causing me to constantly slide left or right unless I make continuous minor adjustments.

Edit: Nevermind, I found the controller configuration screen in game, along with the deadzone settings.... right under my nose.

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