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[Beginners guide]How do i install mods/addons?

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52 minutes ago, Mordacai said:

Thanks for your reply.


Just played the mission and really enjoyed it. 
Had a very challenging balance with enemies.
Used all TPW mods and ran smoothly. Next time I'll break those mods down to just SOAP because the radio chatter and civilian music from homes is enough for immersion.
Maybe even use the flybys.


Just one thing:
I could not get the hostage out of the building after joining team.

I tried everything.
They get stuck in small spaces and will refuse to move out.


Other than that, I hope you make more SP missions.

Thanks for the feedback. That has happened to me before in testing (rarely, but I've seen it happen), and I had to command him to a spot out of the building (using the Fkey and using move there) and it broke him out of it and he began following orders.


Did he join your team before he became unresponsive? That sucks though. I've tested it a lot and it's usually fine and the one time that happened I figured it was just Arma being Arma.


I'll look into it and see if I can make the transition for rescuing him smoother. I appreciate you playing the mission. 

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Guys can someone please tell me why this keeps popping up in my games screen. There 2 different messages!

Any help would be great, please





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4 hours ago, go gol said:

Sometimes I get something about a missing Russian pistol as well.

From this, can you tell me which pack I'm still missing, or which one is not running right?

1st - Dont use bold, ultra capped letters it comes across as yelling, its actually against the forum rules.

2nd - Give details as to what your issue is, so your getting an error presumably about a Russian pilot, and something else?

   No one can help if you cant help anyone else help you, so do the following:


  1. Post whatever errors you may be getting, or post the rpt in a spolier or post it here https://justpaste.it/
  2. Give details on what your playing and how your playing, as an example - mission you created, mission you downloaded and playing in SP, or are you on a server when the error or issue comes up.
  3. Provide details as to what mods you may be using, i see some normal text whited out under your large text, im not going to guess here but refrring to a pack, what pack?

Lastly welcome to BI forums!

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I know this is a necro of the thread, and most mods are downloaded / Subbed through Steam Workshop,

however manually downloaded mods are still about and can still be downloaded through various posts, and sites depending.


I have a tutorial i had put together back in February of 2020, idk why i didn't post it here too but anyways if it may help

any new folks to the game or anyone who dont know how to install mods manually in the game then this should help.

Keep in mind that the tutorial was using Armaholic (when it was up) as a base to demonstrate two types of mods

i downloaded then that you may encounter, regardless of where you download the mod these two ways i show you apply.

     Any questions or problems send me a pm, ask on the comments in the video, or reply here.

    Hope this helps. Cheers!

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