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sideChat only local

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Hi guys,

i've question regarding "sideChat". As i know (in the meanwhile) "sideChat" is only working on my local host, if i'm hosting a Coop mission on my computer. *gg*

I'm trying to give a kind of mission status report to all connected clients via "sideChat" command. I'm unable to manage it. So, i tried to use the PublicVariable, like this:

Trigger "Sidechat1"
Activation: Sidechat1=true; publicVariable "Sidechat1";

Trigger "Sidechat1_1"
Condition: !isServer and Sidechat1
Activation: [East,"HQ"] sideChat "My Text bla blub."

But this way of working is not working at all. The message does not appear on my pc, even as host. Anyone an idea how it's working? Would be great.

Thanks in advance.


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