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Need help with extraction with a heli after a patrol order

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Hey guys, I've been reading posts and watching youtube videos about the helicopter edition and I can't find any answer to my problem. I am making a simple mission, a fire team is trasportaded from the airport to the south of Straits via heli to eliminate an enemy mortar. I've made the heli to load and unload the team at the infiltration zone and then I created a cycle waypoints to make the heli patrol the area while the team deal with the target. After the enemy is neutralized the team goes to an exfiltration point to be picked up by the heli to head back to the base.

The only problem with the mission is that I can't make the heli stop the patrol and load the team. i know how to do it without the patrol order, but i want it with the patrol. Also i know how to do it using the timer but I want it to be done without it. More or less words, I want the heli to pick up the team when they are done with the elimination.

I can't find a post with that info, if there is any post with that please someone let me know and sorry for the repost if that's the case.

Thx a lot and sorry for my terrble english

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I don't get this "sorry for my english" all the time, yours is totally fine and everybody nitpicking you for a few grammatical errors is a moron. Conclusion, nobody needs to say sorry for their English. This isn't Reddit.

Aside from that, the "Cycle" waypoint isn't what you think it is. Basically, cycle connects to the waypoint closest to the "Cycle" waypoint and repeats it everytime. So if your last WP was a TR Unload WP and you put a "Cycle" WP next to it it's gonna repeat the TR Unload WP whenever possible.

As for the pickup I suggest a trigger method, put it around the target area.

Condition: !alive TARGETNAME

On act: [] spawn { HELONAME doMove (getpos HELIPADNAME); HELONAME land "GET IN"; waitUntil {sleep 5; {_x in HELONAME} foreach GROUPNAME}; HELONAME doMove (getpos HELIPADNAMENR2); HELONAME land "land" };

HELONAME = The name of your helicopter.

HELIPADNAME = The name of the Helipad you put down at the spot where you want the helo to land for insertion.

GROUPNAME = The name of the group you want to get picked up. If the player is the groupleader use "group player" (without ""), if not define group name in the group leaders init like this: "groupName = group this", (without "") where you change groupName to the one you want.

HELIPADNAMENR2 = The second helipad where you want the helo to land again (if you want to do this)

Hope this helps.

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