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More IF1944 Liberation Missions Posted at missionrepository.com

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There are 100+ user-made missions, Campaign-style mission packs, and at least one mod at


Go to the pull-down menu "Iron Front:1944" and you will see links to singleplayer, co-op, multiplayer, PVP modes and at least one mod (improved explosions) for all 5 official IF1944 Maps. It lives yet!

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MissionCreep i been adding Iron Front Missions since October 2012 where ya been?

Your link is broke too, and it will break everytime I add a mission and update the numbers of the missions, so best to just give the main address of the

site which is in my sig and its obvious enough folks will see the IF missions.

The thread that started it all can be found here:


I also had a thread on IF forums too, and a thread here:


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