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FPS Lag in Multiplayer

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Hey, I seem to be only getting 5-9 FPS when playing multiplayer. It's weird because I get around 25-55 FPS in the benchmark test scenario. Keep in mind the multiplayer servers I'm playing on only have a few people on them. Is there a way to fix this or at least make my FPS better? I have all my settings on low, disabled, or very low since they seem to give me better FPS even though my GPU is better than my CPU. I've googled this problem quite a bit, but I still can't find an answer. My main specs are:

CPU: Pentium Dual-core E5200 2.5GHz (Yes, I know it's not good, but it should be able to put out more than 8 FPS)

GPU: GeForce GT 610 (Again, not perfect, but I can run single player just fine using it)

Memory: 3070MB RAM

Operating System: Vista 32-bit

Obviously this isn't a good build, but I know there has to be some way to get more than 8 FPS. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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