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Light helicopter LCD screen upgrade - how does it work?

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Recently upgraded the light helicopter in career mode to have the LCD screen and also the FLIR and Camera.

But I don't quite understand how (or when) they work. The LCD screen is always black, for example.

I've read the thread about PIP use and discussion, but I find that it doesn't really answer my question (and neither do any threads I've found via the search function) - http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?128440-PiP-Use-and-Discussion-Poll

So, now that I've upgraded the Light helicopter in career mode to have FLIR, the LCD screen, and Camera how and when do I get them to work?

EDIT - Nevermind. I'm assuming they are the same as the screens in the Merlin and Huey, which I've just noticed only work on set scripted events as described in that thread. Real shame you can't turn them on and off at will during free flight.

Also I noticed in my TakeOnH.cfg file that the PiPEnabled= variable was set to 0, even though in the game I have PIP set to Very Low (sometimes, I'm tweaking settings at the mo) and I can see the mirror on the Light helicopter skids working - should that variable be set to 1?

Thanks in advance.

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Well, to start with all these upgrades help you by unlocking private contracts in the career mode which are profitable missions for gaining money and experience. If I recall correctly the private contract in which you pursue some speed boats requires the FLIR and the camera.

Furthermore, the FLIR helps you in multiplayer missions such as Seattle evac in which the copilot locates the survivors by using the FLIR. Without it, it is extremely difficult to accomplish this mission. (it is already equipped in multiplayer missions)

Last but not least, you mentioned that your mirrors work? Mine never work....

Sorry for not being very helpful but can you tell me how exactly you made the mirrors work? Should I change the so called mo too?

Thanks no matter what.....

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