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AT UI - Fixing "Require"-field in serverbrowser

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With the first updates in the alpha development branch we noticed that the required server version is not readable in the A3 serverbrowser. This makes finding an updated server very difficult.

This addon makes the "required version"- and servertype-field readable again.

Here is a Before-After picture: http://www.modfact.net/data/at_ui_before_after.png


  • Moves the servertype in MP-browser one line up to make both, servertype and serverversion, readable.
  • Moves the "players"- and "expensions"- list down, to make those boxes and their headline less ugly.
  • (Obviously) Clientside. Serverkeys included.


ModFact.net Mirror



Additional Info:

I know that ArmA3 is just alpha and I know that with a official UI update/fix this addon will be useless. I just felt that this fix important for further mp testing in steam development branch and I wanted it fixed asap (so I fixed it myself). Perhaps we will expand this addon to a small UI fix compilation, if we see such a demand.

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