23-05-2019 EXE rev. 145689 (game) 
No new Launcher Size: ~6.3 GB   NOTES We've opened a series of Arma 3 Contact feedback threads for various sub-topics: General Livonia Assets As has often been the case, Steam DLC ownership may not fully work during the first hours / days of DLC Dev-Branch staging and pre-orders. Issues will be resolved with Steam's Valve as soon as possible.   DATA Added: Livonia* Added: Livonia terrain objects (natural, props, signs, lamps, power lines, railways, decals, structures, etc.) Added: Military Cargo Platforms Added: Banner (LDF) Added: Flag (LDF) Added: Flag (Livonia) Added: Livonia Whiteboards Added: Maps of Livonia Added: Connector Tents Added: Decon Tents Added: Faction Field Tent variants Added: Faction Medical Tent variants Added: Woodland Camouflage Net variants Added: Research Dome variants Added: Research Dome Panels Added: Research Dome Struts Added: Solar-Powered Tents Added: Scaffolding variant Added: Antidote Kit Added: Brooms Added: Brushes Added: Coiled Hose Sprays Added: Decon Kit Added: Decon Showers Added: Drainage Deck Added: Hazmat Bags Added: Lay-Flat Hoses Added: Pressure Hoses Added: SCBA Cylinders Added: Spill Bunds Added: Spinal Boards Added: Sponges Added: Stretcher Roller System Added: Tarps Added: Trash Bag Holder Added: Walking Frame Added: Water Spills Added: Flexible Solar Panels Added: Satellite Antenna variants Added: Omnidirectional Antennas Added: Portable Weather Stations Added: Power Cables Added: Rechargeable Batteries Added: Rechargeable Battery Packs Added: Rugged Computers Added: Rugged Screen variants Added: Rugged IP Telephones Added: Rugged Laptops Added: Rugged Multi-Screen Computers Added: Rugged Portable Generator variants Added: Rugged Portable Server Units Added: Rugged Routers Added: Rugged Solar Panels Added: Rugged Tablet variants Added: Rugged Portable Cabinets Added: Rugged Portable Desks Added: Rugged Desk Chairs Added: Rugged Portable Lamps Added: Transfer Switch Added: Light Cone VFX Added: Tent Lamps Added: Newspaper Added: Books Added: EMP-Proof Cargo Containers Added: CBRN Packaging Added: Plastic Case variants Added: Tin Foil Added: textureSources config property "decals" (an array of texture indices for decals) Added: "camo3" selection to Guerrilla Garment which can hide a bandage from it Added: Ability to hide Field Manual entries by listing them in a mission variable (example: BIS_fnc_advHint_FMHide = ["GlobalTopic_Curator", "EdenUpdate_EdenEditor"];) Added: magazineWells to Underbarrel Grenade Launchers Added: BIS_fnc_spawnOrdered which spawns a given function in the order it was called Tweaked: Vehicle distance filter configuration Fixed: UCAV Sentinel shadows at lower LODs Fixed: Field Manual records for unowned Jets Premium Assets did not display correctly Fixed: An incorrect textureSources texture for B_Truck_01_box_F Fixed: ARCO (Black) had a wrong picture (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T139146) Fixed: Components and liveries were not auto-selected for some vehicles in Garage and for all vehicles on load and import Fixed: Missing red texture for karts Fixed: One of the PO-30 Orca windows was still visible when the doors were hidden Fixed: Saved custom loadouts are now correctly compared against available Arsenal gear, and incompatible loadouts are disabled Fixed: Arsenal Import and Export buttons are now correctly available when applicable in MP Fixed: Importing an Arsenal loadout was not removing old assigned items Fixed: Arsenal was not adding a battery to Laser Designators Fixed: Exporting and then importing the same loadout in Arsenal was removing one magazine Fixed: Weapon magazines were not saved with exported Arsenal loadouts correctly Fixed: Laser Designator batteries were not saved with exported Arsenal loadouts Fixed: Weapons with grenade launchers were missing secondary muzzle magazines in Arsenal Fixed: Weapons were not getting magazines if a unit had no containers in Arsenal Fixed: Various script errors in Arsenal Fixed: The Offroad driver's ability to switch to other seats Eden Editor Fixed: Some waypoint types were not exported correctly by Eden Editor's export to SQF * Content requires ownership of Arma 3 Contact expansion.   ENGINE Added: getAudioOptionVolumes and getSubtitleOptions script commands Added: Setting lobbyIdleTimeout to 0 in the server config turns off kicking players from the lobby if they are inactive Added: Setting kickTimeout timer values to 0 in the server config turns the feature off Tweaked: Default values for timeout were changed to: votingTimeOut=10 mins, roleTimeOut=15 mins, briefingTimeOut=10 mins, debriefingTimeOut=10 mins, lobbyIdleTimeout=25 mins Fixed: When kicking a player via the server's onHackedData / onUnsignedData event handlers, kickTimeout type 0 was always used Fixed: When kicking a player via the server's onHackedData / onUnsignedData event handlers, only very basic logging was provided
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