10-08-2017 EXE rev. 142576 (game) 
EXE rev. 142576 (launcher) 
Size: ~1.5 GB (depends on Apex ownership)   NOTES Specific feedback threads have been opened for various sub-topics: General Assets Playable Content Cluster Munitions Mines Leaflets In order to enjoy the full experience of the new mini-campaign, we recommend to wait for the final release. To those who are less patient, we thank you for participating in testing! Please be considerate when discussing the mini-campaign and use spoiler warnings whenever appropriate - thanks! Steam DLC ownership may not fully work during the first hours / days of DLC Dev-Branch staging and pre-orders. We’ll resolve any issues together with Steam as soon as possible.   DATA Added: Laws of War DLC* Added: International Development & Aid Project faction (IDAP) Added: IDAP Vehicles (reskins) Added: IDAP Cap (variants) Added: Aid Worker Clothes (variants) Added: Van (Transport, Cargo, Ambulance variants - 20+ liveries)* Added: Utility Drone (Cargo, Medical variants)* Added: Corresponding UAV bags Added: Demining Drone* Added: APERS Mine Dispenser* Added: Training Mine* Added: Cluster Bombs (3 factions - see Pylon settings of aircraft) Added: Unexploded Ordnance (3 factions x 4 triggers) Added: Safety Vest (variants)* Added: Multi-Pocket Vest (variants)* Added: Identification Vest (variants)* Added: EOD Vest (variants)* Added: Messenger Bag (variants)* Added: Leg Strap Bag (variants)* Added: Wireless Earpiece* Added: Ear Protectors (variants)* Added: Hard Hat (variants)* Added: Safari Hat (variants)* Added: Head Bandage (variants)* Added: Basic Helmet (variants)* Added: Press Helmet (variants)* Added: Respirator (variants)* Added: Safety Goggles* Added: Construction Coveralls Added: Paramedic Outfit* Added: IDAP Objects Added: Tent Objects Added: Humanitarian Aid Objects Added: Medical Objects Added: Furniture Objects Added: “Remnants of War” mini-campaign** Added: Various campaign-related special character compositions Added: Showcase IDAP Added: Showcase Laws of War Added: TT11: Downhill Rumble Added: TT12: Jungle Fever ** *** Added: TT13: Turbulence Added: TT14: Life in Danger ** *** Added: TT15: Off Road Excavation ** *** Added: IDAP map marker set Added: IDAP Orange UI color preset Added: International Humanitarian Law Field Manual entries Added: Scripted Leaflets feature Added: 7 new Steam Achievements Added: Main Menu tile for the Malden terrain Tweaked: Tactical Ping icon and sound Tweaked: The Darter SFX are now using some of the improvements developed for the new Utility Drone * Restrictions apply for those who don’t own Arma 3 Laws of War DLC.
** Content requires ownership of Arma 3 Laws of War DLC.
*** Content requires ownership of Arma 3 Apex.   ENGINE
No engine changes today
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