EXE rev. 139925 (game) 
EXE rev. 139925 (launcher)  
Size: ~754 MB (depends on Apex ownership)    DATA   Fixed: Pacific variants of NATO Autorifleman and AT Soldier had incorrect vests in their loadouts Fixed: Offroad_02_F had an incorrectly aligned rear mirror (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T119225) Tweaked: The door angle of Warehouse_03 was improved to prevent incorrect collisions with characters   ENGINE  Added: A new typeRecognitionDistance sensor parameter  Tweaked: The GPS is now oriented according to the camera's direction (WIP) Tweaked: In one of the older presets, players were able to change weapon via the context menu to a weapon which they were already holding Tweaked: Collisions with attached objects have been disabled  Tweaked: The MFD "numberEach" in source "scale" can be zero to disable text  Fixed: The isRemoteExecuted and isRemoteExecutedJIP commands were not working properly in some cases  Tweaked: CfgDisabledCommands entries no longer need to be listed in lowercase in order to work properly  Fixed: Reading of the "enableParallax" parameter in MFD HUD was not correct  Tweaked: The Diagnostics Executable is now 64-bit only
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