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Our History:
Founded in 2002 by passionate people, Operation Frenchpoint Team, released its first French Army addons on Operation Flashpoint (known nowadays as ArmA: Cold War Assault). Then moved on ArmA : Armed Assault, with few contents due to intern problems, leading to the end of the team. At that time, the team was 30 members. The team was then rebuilt with less than 6 members on ArmA 2, first under the name of HEXAgone Team then to Operation Frenchpoint.
Today, the team is made of 14 passionate people (including only 2 addon-makers of former OFrP team) divided on two projects about the French army. The main part of the team is working on the French Modern Army under the name of Operation Frenchpoint Mod, and the second part is dedicated to the Indochina War, the French Colonial War before the Vietnam one. This part of the team, and the mod attached, is known as Indochine Mod.
Our Mission:

  • Make a complete French Modern Army mod on ArmA 3 as it was on OFP with completely new models.
  • Make our mod as enjoyable to play as possible.
  • Make it with pleasure and passion Share with the community and help other mod if needed.

We are recruiting!
We are always looking for people motivated or passionate in order to help us on our project.
If you have knowledge in 3D modeling, scripting, texturing/art design, video making, sound designing or even to gather information, feel free to contact us on Steam or on the following mail :



thumbs_a3_gazelle_8.jpg thumbs_a3_ec665tigre_2.jpg thumbs_a3_vabvtt_4.jpg thumbs_a3_FamasF1_7.jpg



Future Contents:

  • In Progress:

Super-Étendard Modernisé
Gazelle (Canon, Hot and Mistral)
EC-665 Tiger
VAB (Revalored, VTT, 12.7, TOP, T20-30, San, Mephisto, Milan, Ultima)
UAV Infotron IT180-5 EL DROGEN
Radio (PR4G ER 362)
Famas Optics
Soldiers (FELIN T4, bags, Mendel…)
ERC-90 Sagaie
F710 Frégate Lafayette
Mirage 2000
Mirage F1
AMX-30 B2
Charles de Gaulle (Aircraft Carrier)

H225M Caracal (former EC-725)
nEURON (Armed UAV)


  • Planned:

SA-330 Puma
Reaper (Unarmed UAV)
Ford Ranger
Land Rover 110
Jaguar (Scorpion Program)
Griffon (Scorpion Program)
Sherpa Light

Features Planned:

  • ACE3 Compatibility (optional pbo)
  • Task Force Radio Compatibility
  • Helicopter with fully working cockpit.
  • Vehicles with opening doors, different matriculation and name.
  • Thirst and hunger module (with military water bottle, field ration)
  • Real ammunition system for assault rifle (no need to throw an empty magazine, just load it with cartridges)
  • Fast Rope on chopper and exfiltration cluster
  • Medical module with stretchers management (could be given to ACE to improve their already impressive medical system)


The OFrP Team:

  • OFrP HQ

TigerForce * Project Leader * - 3D modeling - Scripting
Yourry * Network Manager * - Programmer
Pirat3n * History Section Manager * 3D modeling - Texture

  • OFrP Battle Group

IkåR * OFrP Team Founder * 3D modeling - Texture - Scripting
G.M.C - 3D modeling - Texture - Scripting
Le Chacal - 3D modeling - Texture

Vulkan - 3D modeling - Texture

Bastien Carter - 3D modeling - Texture
Skaarian - 3D modeling - Texture
Jimi Vacarians - Programmer
Arthur - 3D Artist - Texture - Movie Maker

Jack - Intelligence Officer

LaChouette - Intelligence Officer

Calden - Communication Officer

  • Expeditionary Force

Arto * Indochina Team founder * - Programmer
W4lkn - Programmer
Khan - Map Making
Romain - Intelligence Officer
Follow us:
Operation Frenchpoint Website (available in English)

Additional Credits:

  • Model Miniature: A French modeling company devoted to high quality military models who share information and pictures with us. Thank you ! http://www.model-miniature.com/
  • Paul Boye Technologies: A French manufacturing company making military uniforms who share information and pictures with us. Thank you very much ! http://www.paul-boye.fr/
  • Infotron: A French company making incredible military UAV who saved and still save life in operation. Thank you so much for what you do with militaries and having share with us pictures. Keep you nice spirit !  http://www.infotron.fr/
  • All the men and women from the French Army who share with us information and pictures.
  • And of course, all the member of the ArmA community who share their impression, comments, critics with us, or even just contact us to work with us. Thank all and wish you the best !

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q : When the mod, will be available to the public?
A : In 2035 #troll / More seriously when the team will estimate that its content will be adequate, and good enough to be introduced to the community.

Q : What will be the content of the mod?
A : The list of the content that will be present at term is likely to change, but you can already find a topic on the BI Forums.

Q : Will be there a port of elements from ArmA 2 to ArmA 3?
A : Following the authorization recently obtained, from former OFrP modders, who left the team during ArmA 2, it is possible that temporary portages will be made… The absence of such authorization has in fact prevented us from doing it sooner.
Our goal remains to create everything from scratch, for better quality!

Q : Can we suggest specific content?
A : Modders create according to their desire and interest in the gameplay. You can share your ideas, but we are not obliged to indulge it, for lack of reasoning, knowledge or time.

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Looks great guys, nice work.

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This mods needs a function for giving up.

+1 infraction for flamebaiting/bigoted behaviour.

We do not tolerate flamebaiting, especially of a descriminatory nature.

§1) No Flaming/Flame-baiting/bigotry

Abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic comments (or any other type of bigotry), personal attacks and name calling are not allowed either on the forum or through PM's. If you receive a PM that is abusive or you find offensive please forward it to a moderator who will investigate.

Flame-baiting is also not tolerated; flame-baiting is making a post to someone that is obviously intended to elicit an angry response. Mocking/teasing/ridiculing someone or the point someone wants to make is also flamebaiting. This also applies to other areas of the forums such as leaving visitor messages on people's profiles, messages posted in social groups, as well as quoting someone against their wishes in your signature to belittle/tease/mock them. If someone asks you to remove something they posted on the forum from your signature you must remove it. Common sense tells you that posting someone's PMs without permission is also flamebaiting and will be punished.

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Looks pretty good! I enjoyed the OFrP mod for II, looking forward to having a true NATO force!

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Awwww yissss, can't wait for release.

c'est bon a voir un mod francais si tot dans l'alpha :)

Edited by mbbird

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Nice to see Operation Frenchpoint also in ArmA 3. The last time I used your mod, was in Operation Flashpoint and I can't wait to try it out a second time :)

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Will you still release Operation Frenchpoint v3.2 for Arma 2 or do you work only now on Arma 3 ?

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In facts, we mainly tried to familiarize ourselves with the new way of addons and nothing is really decided ... yet.

We continue to learn, try, make mistakes, just like everyone else and we will take later.

But arma3 is very sexy ...

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Some Fresh news about our studio !

The following screens show the 3D work done by Ikår on the FAMAS.

Maybe it will be on ArmA 3, maybe not... :confused:

mini_937003wipa3ofrpfamas01.jpg mini_585736wipa3ofrpfamas03.jpg mini_375072wipa3ofrpfamas02.jpg


OFrP Team

Edited by TigerForce

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I really hope to see you on arma3!!!

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Nice addon!

Aren't you guys cooperating with R3F team or going to do so? It could be profitable for both teams and all Arma community in my opinion. :)

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