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Gunter Severloh

Iron Front Explosions addon

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Iron Front Explosions addon

Back in December 2012 an addon was released by one of the developers of Awar, I had this

addon on my computer since that time. Considering that Iron Front official forums are no

longer around which is where the addon was hosted at, it would have been lost for good,

i thought I would make available an share this addon with the community.





Name: Improved explosions effects.

Version: 0.9

Author: SofD (Awar developer)

Date: 13 dec 2012

Requirements: Iron Front: Liberation 1944 (version 1.05 or better).


- This modification changes standard effects and adds new, in order to improve visual component of gameplay.

WARNING! Use of this modification may affect performance of game in certain situations.


- Unpack archive and place folder 'IF_Other_Addons' in game directory, then connect via

corresponding modification of item in main menu of game.


- By default, connection modification only reduces intensity of standard effects,

and these changes are propagated to all the gameplay (including standard missions and campaigns).

If you want to use additional effects in game, you have to put in your mission module "(Iron Front)

Improved explosions effects" (F7 key in mission editor).

You can also further customize intensity of these effects by altering the global variable

"LIB_Explosion_Effect_Intensity" (1 - default value, 0 - completely off effects).

Increasing intensity of effects above standard value can also have a negative impact on performance.


List of modified shell classes and vehicles that uses them.


| Class | Name | Vehicles |


| LIB_SprGr34_KWK40_HE | SprGr 34 (HE) | PzKpfw IV Ausf.H, SPG StuG III Ausf.G, SPG StuG III Ausf.G (without shields), PaK 40 |

| LIB_SprGr42_KwK42_HE | SprGr 42 (HE) | PzKpfw V Ausf.A |

| LIB_SprGr_KwK36_HE | SprGr L/4.5 (HE) | PzKpfw VI Ausf.E |

| LIB_SprGr39_HE | SprGr 43 (HE) | PzKpfw VI Ausf.B, PzKpfw VI Ausf.B (camo) |

| LIB_OF350_HE | OF-350 (HE) | T-34-76, 76 mm ZiS-3 |

| LIB_O365_HE | O-365 (FRAG) | T-34-85, SPG SU-85 |

| LIB_OF471_HE | OF-471 (HE) | JS-122 '43 |

| LIB_FAB500_Bomb | FAB-500 | - |

| LIB_SC500_Bomb | SC-500 | Ju-87-D5 |

| LIB_FAB250_Bomb | FAB-250 | P-39 Airacobra, Pe-2 110 series |

| LIB_SC250_Bomb | SC-250 | Fw 190 F-8 |

| LIB_SC50_Bomb | SC-50 | Ju-87-D5, Fw 190 F-8 |


Edited by Günter Severloh
updated the link

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Thanks! Another tool we shouldn´t forget about, is Vandrels IF Debug console! (bisim_debug.Panovo.zip) Here´s the Readme:

//Iron Front Debug Console by Vandrel

//Version 1.0

This debugger was created by Vandrel @ BISim

This tool is available for public use in mission editing and design only. Under no circumstances should this be used as a means to cheat during multiplayer sessions.

How to use this tool standalone:

1) Place the bisim_debug.Panovo into your profile missions folder.

- Typically located in = C:\Users\WindowsUser\Documents\Iron Front Other Profiles\yourProfile\missions

2) Run Iron Front.

3) From the main menu hit (Left Control + E) on the keyboard.

4) Select Panovo terrain.

5) From the mission editor simply go to load and open the listed mission ( bisim_debug )

How to use this tool with another mission:

1) Copy the folder named ( Debug ) from the bisim_debug.Panovo mission folder.

2) Paste the folder named ( Debug ) into your desired mission folder.

3) Create a description.ext if you don't have one already.

4) Add the following include function:

#include "Debug\RSC\console.hpp"

5) Include the following in the mission somewhere, this will open the console:


- Alternately you can simply add the following to your init.sqf:

player addAction ["Iron Front Debug Console","Debug\SCT\debug1.sqf"];

Questions or comments, please PM me on the IF forums or post on the thread.

User: Vandrel

Debug Console thread: http://forum.iron-front.com/showthread.php?558-Iron-Front-Debug-Console

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Thanks RknHarry for posting that, problem is the official IF forums are no longer up, so unless you have a download link for it, its a lost cause.

Edited by Gnter Severloh

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No further download link that I´m aware of, but off course I still have the original files and use them a lot. Much of the lost content from the IF Wiki (class lists ect.) and more, can be easily retrieved with Vandrels tool. Can send you the original ZIP, just drop me a PM.

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