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Arma 3 Alpha - Escape from prison

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Arma 3 - escape from prison is a Solo AND Coop mission. Currently the co-op supports 2 players but i could maybe squeeze 3 in if it is requested.

The mission involves you waking up inside an enemy camp. But just as you are about to leave you are stopped by a seemingly friendly undercover agent who offers you help to escape.

You mission is to escape the enemy camp make your way to the airfield and escape the hostile island alive.

Solo Download: Escape from prison Solo

Coop Download: Escape from prison Coop

Armaholic mirror for both files: [ALPHA] Escape from prison SP & Co-02

Both files will need to go to your MP missions folder and you can create a 1 slot / 2 slot server respectively.


Check out my armory mission for ARMA 3 BETA: Armory

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Thanks for this. I'm still learning the ropes with the Arma series but this has given me some fun although it has always resulted in me getting slaughtered pretty quickly!

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