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Saving Loadout on respawn.

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Just wondering if anyone has a script made up that saves ALL loadout on dying and respawning?

Here's a Snippit of something I have tried already with no effect.

// capture player's inventory...

_player_weapons = weapons player;

_player_magazines = magazines player;

// capture player's backpack contents..

_player_backpack_initial = unitBackpack player;

if (_player_backpack_initial == objNull) then


// player does not have backpack, abort capturing scripting

} else


// player has backpack, capture type and contents...

_player_backpack_type = typeof unitBackpack player;

_player_backpack_contents_array = getmagazinecargo unitBackpack player;

_player_backpack_mag_classes_array = _player_backpack_contents_array select 0;

_player_backpack_mag_counts_array = _player_backpack_contents_array select 1;

_player_backpack_weapon_contents_array = getweaponcargo unitBackpack player;

_player_backpack_weapon_class_array = _player_backpack_weapon_contents_array select 0;

_player_backpack_weapon_count_array = _player_backpack_weapon_contents_array select 1;


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This has been asked a few times before in the past few days, suggest searching before posting,

but here are some threads you can view to learn how to respawn with your weapons:





Keep in mind that you will also need a respawn script for respawn to work before you can use a script that allows you to respawn

with the same loadout, or weapons you had when you started or when you died.

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