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TvT Tier1 Pistol Carnage

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We've ran a special TvT pistols only mission on our server for a few days with great response. It really shows how much Arma3 improved CQB capabilities over Arma2.

Playing this mission is loads of fun. However this is not our normal style of gameplay, and we are not running this mission very often anymore. That's why we decided to publish it to the Arma3 community to use on your own servers, because the demand on playing this mission is quite high (the server is full when this mission runs all most all the time).

This mission has been tested extensivly and not caused any server crashes (as of today 2013-03-08). In fact the server has been up and running for more than 24hrs with more than 1000 diffrent players connecting.

We will publish updates in this thread after multiplayer tests.

Terms of usage: You're free to use this mission on your servers. However, please leave the name as it is. If you intend to alter this mission, please talk to us so we can adapt your improvements and give them back to the community as a whole.

Here is a video of a random guy recording some gameplay on our server:



  • Pistols only
  • Silencer in gear
  • One box with limited HE-/Smoke-grenades in a central location
  • Restricted area of movement (If a player hits the border, he'll get a warning and 10 seconds to return)
  • Base respawn
  • Teammarkers on all friendlies (depending on difficulty setting)
  • Spawnkill protection (After spawn player is protected for 15 seconds)
  • Hidden box with one assault rifle and tracer ammo

Future plans:

  • Mapmarker for assaultrifle (So everyone knows where it currently is and can start to fight about it)
  • Optimization
  • ...

So feel free to download and use the mission. Also feel free to share thoughts and feedback. If you have cool ideas or want something implemented, tell us. :)

Tier1 Pistol Carnage v15

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its the second best mission in my eyes. everyone should try it out. sooo smooth with arma 3

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Thanks for releasing it love the pistol DM :p

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