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NSS-Gamers : TACO Coop Clan

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We are pleased to announce that TACO is now recruiting for ARMA 3!

We will be hosting operations on our server these coming months aswell as having public missions throughout the week. With this announcement is that of a new logo and image that has been designed for the Arma 3 period of taco which is seen above.

TACO staff are keen and very excited to get going and allowing new people into what previously was a very exclusive tightly knit group. Opening our ranks to new players will allow people to enjoy TACO just as I and the team has over the past years. We will strive to recruit the very best players that will ensure gameplay and operations as of a high standard as they have always been.

'So what is this TACO all about?'

Well, we are a cooperative military group that has routes all the way back to the orginal ArmA when we were first formed. We aim to play to a realistic stadard while keeping it fun. This includes operations that you would see from standard infantry units right through to special forces. We have a dedicated command team that will create these operations giving everyone an enjoyable yet challenging experience. There is opportunity to play in the role that you would like to play as once you are a member, this may be a standard rifleman, a sniper, a pilot, boat troop or special forces. If you want to play it, then we will do our best to accomodate it.

'Where do I sign?'

Check out our recruitment page in the forums and fill out an application.

'Can I see how you guys play before joining?'

Yes, we have videos and pictures of some of our coop games throughout the year. [These will be placed here and updated as operations are recorded.]

About NSS-Gamers:

NSS-Gamers (Not So Serious Gamers) is a international multigaming community for everyone who wants to have fun with others while playing games ranging from ArmA 2, ArmA 3, Minecraft and Mount & Blade: Warband to games such as Farming and Flight Simulators. The scale is quite huge, but never too big. Our members come from all sides of the globe and their occupations, hobbies and ages vary a lot. So don't leave yourself out because you think you are too old/young or live further away than someone else.

If you are looking for company to playing games you enjoy, hop in and ask if anybody shares your interests. Check out NSS-Gamers.com and join the community today! At the moment we also have dedicated Server for ArmA2, ArmA3, Minecraft and TeamSpeak3 hosted in Europe. If we get enough demand, we might even add some more games to our hosting plans.

Check us out at: http://www.NSS-Gamers.com



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NSS-Gamers gives away Track IR 4 with Proclip for you!

EDIT: Not available anymore

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- We've recently migrated our Server to another Host with better Performance!

- We are now running our own Vanilla Mission on Dev-Branch and Altis as a Public BETA! Feel free to join and help us making this Mission a better Place!

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Wednesday, the 30th of October, we will be running a Tacticool Public Insurgency Mission made by Mantis on our ArmA 3 VANILLA Server.


Servername: [TACO] by NSS-Gamers.com - Vanilla OR just filter NSS


When: Wednesday, 30-10-2013, 2000 GMT+1

Mods: none

Teamspeak: ts3.nss-gamers.com

All Welcome!

All Details here:http://nss-gamers.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=974

Best Regards,


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