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TvT-40 Bridge Control (based on Scont)

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I have played this mission with my squad for a while,it worked well with 8 - 10 players, I have decided to release it, however my scripting knowledge is limited and some features may not work as they should.


IRAN is attacking Agia Marina in order to advance towards the Stratis Air Base,but they need to capture the bridges first.

NATO soldiers have been dispatched and they are currently moving towards Agia Marina to capture and defend the bridges

Information: The mission is based on Sector Control, here you need to control three bridges in order to gain points and win the game.


- Player & Vehicle Respawn

- Random Ammo boxes location

- Fortified Base for both sides

- Combat zone marked on the map

- Music at the end of the battle

- One mortar and vehicle for each side

- Mission parameters

- Map marker color change when capturing a bridge

- Game scoreboard

Things you need to know:

1. The mission folder contains an version for an dedicated server however it has not been tested on it, If someone tests it, please report back If it works.

2. I have tested the mission on the internet with up to 15 players(my PC can't handle more), I will wait for some feedback on how it goes with 40 players.

3. As I said, I am not scripting expert, so expect things to not work as they were intended.

4. If someone wants to edit the mission, you should contact me via PM first, perhaps we could work together in making it...

5. Any help is greatly appreciated.

6. READ THE BRIEFING, it explains how to capture bridges and other things.


And here are my wishes for future updates:

Fix things obiviously

Dynamic weather & time

Team Players marked on the map and in-game

Team kill punishment

Base kill punishment

The last three remains to be seen, If I learn how to do them.....

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