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Heal someone, trigger animation switchMove

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Me again...

I am terribly sorry for all the questions, my scripting knowledge is extremely limited, I only started a few days ago.

I have a character (playable) the other player needs to heal, at the start of the mission the character has been triggered to switchMove to an animation that makes him look unconscious, he's also got low health so it's possible to heal him. What I need to know, can I switchMove him to a different animation once he has been healed, or if there is a way to detect a health state change and then use switchMove to change his stance?


This thread is all I could find, I can see it has health detection etc, but it's not quite what I need, also a lot of the code I don't under stand, I get basics like "if (damage this > 0.5} then { this addAction ["Check Unit", "Healthcheck.sqs"]}", which basically say's if players/AI damage is greater than 0.5 then play this healthcheck.sqs script, I think...

Anyway, is there anyone interested in helping me out in this? I'd really appreciate it.

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