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How to make a CASEVAC mission?

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I have been struggling to make a mission in the Editor now that has your team start in Camp Rogain or some other remote location on the map. Your team comes under heavy fire and is cut off from reinforcements. You can call in CAS to help but you are being over-run. CASEVAC has been called after a certain amount of time. Your team has to hold out until CASEVAC can extract you and RTB. The CASEVAC would be parked at the AFB until it is called at which time the Helo would spin up and liftoff enroute to the Team's location where upon arrival would extract the team. All CAS helos would also be parked at the AFB until called. During the hold out, Re-inforcements can be called but they are few and far between and the enemy is many. There should be a respawn limit of 3 lives as long as the entire team is not KIA. The enemy AI should be able to call in it's own reinforcements (scripted) or own CAS. Enemy reinforcements should arrive mainly by helo.

Since BLUFOR is lacking a transport helo, the CASEVAC should be a couple of trucks or APC vehicles. The team would also have to protect the EVAC as it approaches and leaves. The mission successfully ends when the team has RTB.

Can anyone help me with this? The modules and such are tricky and I am extreme novice at scripting if it is not BASH scripting.

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