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Forward-porting of Arma content

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Hi guys,

We’re happy to see modding and user content up to a massively rapid start. We were blown away by the amount of user missions up within hours of release, and enjoyed playing with some of you on public servers! :cool:

We do want to add some clarity to the concept of forward-porting Arma 1 / 2 content into Arma 3, so here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • In general, you cannot simply redistribute data we shipped with previous games.
  • The only data that is governed by special licenses are the sample packages.
  • There are other, and accepted, ways of merging Arma 1 / 2 content into Arma 3. This is handled by releasing new add-ons that merge the content people already own via configuration files. We are working on an officially supported approach for later (similar to TKOH's Rearmed).
  • We urge you to treat each other's work with respect. Please ask for permission before you take someone's mod and port it.

Thank you for understanding. We look forward to all the awesome creations you are producing, and have several supporting packages being published as we speak!

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