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Player looking for squad (not for squads to post looking for players!)

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-looking for a serverwhere i can play medic pilot on a ec635 or h145


-looking for a position as a realistic pilot. no fast unrealistic flying or landing.

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Hi All,


I'm LLion and I've just started getting into Arma 3 and loving it so far, got through most showcases, most of the campaign and some SP scenarios. Been trying out some MP, mostly Invade & Annex and I'm starting to crave something more, specifically that feeling of cooperation that Arma can give.


A little about me:
I am 24 years old, from Italy but I've lived and worked across a few different countries, including UK, USA, China and others. English might as well be my first language by now so that should not be a problem.
I have a very good rig that I use for work (heavy CPU needed) and I can usually run the game on maxed settings without a problem. I also have a decent Headset and Mic (although planning on upgrading the mic soon).

I work a lot so I won't be always available. I prefer weekends and late nights GMT+1 time.


I am looking look a casual milsim experience, where we play for fun, there are no mandatory missions and events (often I can't make it for work) and the ranks are for organization rather than enforced titles and such. I'd rather still have some maturity in the group so probably 20+ is best, but I'm not against trying. 

I am still quite new to the game so may need to teaching/catching up with some stuff.

I'm mostly looking for Co-op missions or Zeus and things like that but I'm willing to try almost anything. 


Thanks All

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Game Version: Apex Edition (no Tanks or Jets)

Time Zone: EST

Age: 35

Experience: 20 years in PC games, including clan matches in ladder tournaments, tanking and flying in War Thunder sim modes.  I'm new to internet play in A3.

The one thing I have difficulty with technically is fine control in advanced mode because I use mouse and keyboard.  Otherwise I'm very flexible.


- Proper organization over "radio".  I'm not going to spin in circles for an hour trying to figure out wtf everyone is doing.

- I want ball busting, brain addling challenge.

- I want some PvP.  Because we all know how great AI is. 😑

- No 3PV.

- No nerd rage.  No trolls.  In general everyone must act like they are in the same room.

- No emulation of any real military institute.  No privilege or hubris based on rank in such.  This is how I picture everyone on the internet.

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Hello, my name is Alex, and I am games addict. 🙂
I'v got few weeks experience in Arma 3 and I like it. I'm 32. Looking for english-speaking mature team. Want some pvp, tactics and good team work. My english is quite intermediate, but still I can write this message without google translator, so it shouldn't be a problem. 🙂

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Hi all,


New to Arma, 29 and looking for a UK-focussed community of semi-serious players to get stuck into the game.


I'm also an Army Reservist and am looking for a group with similar experience so I can get some genuine 'training value' out of playing and enjoying this game!

Desirable activity:

- Light cav ops (RWMIK & Jackal)

- Dismounted ops

- Planning, estimates, o-grps, all that stuff

- Section, Troop & Platoon level

- Recces (Yes, really, need the practice)

- Friendly atmosphere

- Mature group who understands that work and family will come first.


But most of all, it's about having fun, so no-die hard groups please. I cannot commit to 5 hour ops twice a week!

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Hey folks

I'm 27 new to arma but have played other milsim games mainly insurgency sandstorm.

I haven't finished the campaign but I did do the VR training, I'm also a USCG vet so I know how military units work

not really looking for a particular role but eventually would like to fly helo's or fill gunner roles ( I am fully aware how hard it is and what I'm asking for).

im free most weekdays after 7pm for a few hours and 8pm ok the weekend till whenever.(I live on the east coast)

I have a headset W/mic as well as discord and can get teamspeak if needed. I also have a one year old (who normally sleeps fine) but there may betimes I have to tend to him mid game/op.


Mainly looking for a group to shoot the shit and blow up pixels with.


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Hi everyone,


I am not new to ArmA 3 but have not played in quite some time.


I am looking to see if there are any squads or groups of players who use AI. I am aware of their flaws but I enjoy scenarios where multiple players command their own sections or units of AI for "larger" scale engagements.


I am recalling great memories right back to ArmA and the use of the Chain of Command mod where this was made possible and very large scale missions took place.


If you run this kind of thing or know any squads or groups that do this kind of thing please let me know.


Thanks in Advance!

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Hey guys, i'm looking for a casual clan based in Europe. I've got some few hundred hours in Arma 3 and a few hours put into Arma 2. I can say that i'm not a pro and i probably suck at the game when compared to most of the community, but i think my skills are enough. Btw i forgot to mention that i'm 16, that means that i can't really afford the time to attend some 100 hours long ops twice a week because of school. I haven't played on ace or TF radio for quite some time so i'll need a refresher on that. I like Zeusing but since i've just recently got into the whole thing my missions would be sub-par when compared to some veterans ones, although i am familiar with Achilles and somewhat with MCC.


Those are my loose requirements:

-Friendly, relaxed community

-No imitation of irl militaries to mil-sim levels, i don't want to get kicked out of clan just because i didn't attend the training once and because i called xXxGamer1945xXx 'dude' instead of 'Sir',

-Some sort of organisation so that ops don't turn into anarchy and so that i can find out what is happening,

-I'm mainly looking for Co-op and Zeus missions but i am okay with PVP,

-If possible, no ultra-heavy mod packs with mods that are never used during ops,




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Hi, I am looking for a group/clan needs a virtual naval aviator. I only fly USN jets in all the flight games I play. Currently I am fully combat capable on the F/A-181, just make sure you enhance the visual distance and turn off G-force for me in order for me to fly properly without pass out or not able to see enemy at all. I am also a student pilot in real life too, looking forward to fly Boeing 777X for Emirates.

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Hello, I'm looking for a WW2 US Milsim Unit that is with a decent amount of people that have good organization and is serious



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Hi Guys


Im a ‘mature’ and sensible UK player (47). Im looking to get back into playing this game after trying to get the hang of it last year but gave up as it’s a steep learning curve and I was just playing solo.


Ive got a good spec PC, headset, good internet, discord (once I work out how to use it) and what I think I really need is a good group of other mature players that play with realism / roleplay / tactics  (rather than just blast everything). Recently split from wife so have bags of time to play on most evenings and Sunday afternoons.


Most importantly, Im looking for a group that will teach me how to play….(from the very basics of control mastery to slotting in with their tactics)

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Looking for a Squad

My info is as follows;

My timezone: -5 Eastern USA

I'm pretty much free....  weekdays after 5pm, and weekends I can manage anytime

What I'm looking for;

1. Leadership without the super High Egos

2. US based

3. Milsim is a definite

4. Maturity.. Not a daycare, but hey, joking around is obviously fine. But there's a time for seriousness


My role has pretty much always been Rotary. I don't mind running infantry. I would actually prefer the role of support/saw


I would love to chat on teamspeak... Not much of a typer.



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Looking to create a Vietnam Unit with someone

My info is as follows:

Timezone: EST

I'm free during evenings throughout the week and late nights on the weekend.

What I'm looking for:

Leadership, no ego

US based

Milsim oriented

Mature... don't be some kid wasting my time, although joking is fine, I like to laugh lol


Feel free to message me on Steam: Master H. C. Mullins or on Discord: Akedes



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I’m a CST player who has a decent amount of experience in Arma who’s looking for a group where I can get better at zeusing. I’m looking for a preferably vanilla server, I can download things like TFAR or ACE, I’m just not a fan of RHS and mods like that.


Like I said, I’m mainly looking to get better at zeusing in a more relaxed and casual environment. If you have a group for me or  need more info just PM me.

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Greetings all, 


To keep you all from having to read a wall of text, I will make my post (kinda) short and sweet.


About me


  • 24 Year old, Australian based Male
  • Currently working full time in retail, days off are odd and needs a flexible unit
  • Veteran Arma player - 4600 hours logged
  • I have made missions in the past and am a capable Zeus 
  • I have been a Trainer in units before, the main subjects are Medic/Corpsman/CLS and also Basic Infantry Training. I have also helped create and write many training guides, these are some examples Bootcamp TrainingMedic TrainingSample Training Structure
  • I have some leadership experience in milsim and I am a manager in RL.
  • I have tried to set up various units, with moderate success. They failed due to time and manpower.  
  • I have lead several community departments/teams such as Personal relations, Media, Mission makers etc
  • I can make loadout/faction mods and know how to code some bits and pieces (not a whole lot though)
  • Willing to put in the hard work if I have people to support me and I am not taken for granted.

What I am after


  • A flexible unit that will allow me to miss the occasional mission
  • Ideally, an Australian based unit with missions on Saturday and Sunday night around 1900/2000 AEST (Brisbane time). International units will be considered, providing that your missions are on/around that time. I can't do most weekdays due to work, unless it is at night. 
  • Somewhere more fun and casual but still with a sense of purpose and structure. This is a hard thing to describe but I want it to be relaxed and Semi-realism but serious when we need to be. 
  • Story based, persistent missions that follow on from one and other. I like immersion, role-play and story, if we can do this in missions, I am happy.
  • The ability to mix up roles and placements. While I like a more structured roster, I like playing many other roles. I want to be able to spread my wings so to speak, I would like to try flying and armour as well as infantry.
  • A small amount of training. I understand each unit has some form of training structure for various reasons, but I have done a lot of training over the years, I usually end up knowing more than the trainers. I don't want to have to do a separate training/qualification to be able to change basic roles (such as MG, Grenadier, AT, DMR etc). I don't enjoy that grind so much anymore due to time. 
  • Ideally, I would prefer US Army/Marines or a PMC style unit. UK based units are good as well, but please no Star wars/Halo units. 
  • I don't mind using Arsenals or having a set loadout.

If anyone has any questions for me or offers, please send me a pm 


Thanks all, 


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Im somewhat new to the game and I really want to do milsims but I can never find servers for it cause I don't know what to look for. Id love for someone to messege me and teach about the game and help me do milsims.

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Age: 27

Time Zone: AEST (Australian Eastern)

Available to play: Random time schedule

Looking for serious, mature, semi-tactical play.

Thanks, Rye.

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