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Player looking for squad (not for squads to post looking for players!)

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About me:

  • Norwegian.
  • Male.
  • 25+.
  • Student.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Gaming enthusiast.
  • Love to record while playing and editing.

Typical traits:

  • Enthusiastic.
  • Patient.
  • Hardworking.
  • Fair play.
  • Easy adaptable person.

Looking for:

I like everything from PvP to PvE. I enjoy playing anything ranging from casual missions, to realism based coop + some light milsim.

Everything depends on chemistry and good ol' fashion fun and teamwork. Looking for missions ranging from 5 players to 40+ players. 

  • European based team.
  • English speaking. (can also be Scandinavian)
  • Active and driven community.
  • Friendly and open-minded community. (We all make mistakes)


  • 670+ hours in Arma III.
  • 200+ hours in Editor. (made multiple scenarios and coop missions)
  • Enjoy playing every role. I'm very comfortable with not being in Combat 24/7. (Can work as a MEDEVAC, commander or other non-combatant units or Civilian)
  • 100+ hours playing Zeus. (I need more experience)
  • Fairly okay pilot and crewman in air and land vehicles.
  • Familiar with most mods and maps. (RHS, CUP, ACE, ARES)
  • Beginner level scripter. (Eager to learn more. Want to learn modding and terrain building)
  • Well drilled in most ACE 3 aspects. Especially regarding ACE 3 Medical. (both basic and advanced)
  • Know my way around CS6 and to some degree Sony Vegas Pro.
  • Experience in driving, handling and promoting communities. (online and in-person)  

Looking forward to talk and getting to know some other communities!

Contact me through the forums if I am of any interest.



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Looking for a North American Squad.

I am in the Pacific Time zone. Evenings are best for me. Once or twice a week.

English speaking.


Semi-Realistic to Realistic, but no Role Play.

Looking for a squad that uses minimal mods.

Coop style missions preferred. Such as Dynamic Recon ops, Dynamic Combat ops, Combat patrol.

Looking for a good group of people that meet together weekly to play some Arma 3 in a more tactical and organized way then what you find in quickplay.


I am not interested in role playing such as calling officers sir, and saluting, but I would like to be in a squad where there is organized team work and strategy with defined leaders and goals.

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29 year old, Emergency Nurse IRL, looking for a large group / platoon sized to join up with and possibly fill in a medical role, have experience with ACE Medical / BAF / ACRE / TFR / ...

Living at GMT+1 and really looking to expand into ARMA more as I tried it with a close knit group of about 7 people with another one being ZEUS and spawning in the scenario-enemy forces- and being in the ingame Command role.
So I'm looking for a squad to roleplay actual military ( Current conflict / WW2 ) whilst we fight bots and the likes with scenario-combat.
Have :
Discord (Medical#9459)


Steam ( https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197988855623/ )
English speaking fluent.


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Hello, i am looking for a squad, which can tolerate an absolute newbee in arma3... that means People not exploding if i ask something complete stupid :-). Most of all i like teamplay, thats the reason i have Chosen arma3, i like competitive attitude, achieving an aim as Group.. . i don t like those : hu, i got more kills than you People ... maybe there is some suqad outside ? i am adult, above 40, not blind not deph. i can speak english, even if i type sometimes like a drunken sandflea :-)so maybe there is the Fitting place outside ? would be nice.. have a nice day

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I'm currently searching for a milsim unit in which realistic policies are enforced and discipline & CoC is prioritized highly. I have an extensive amount of leadership experience as I created a unit & managed it for over a year after being in another milsim unit for almost 2 years. I was at the rank of a Leytenánt (equivalent of a 2nd Lieutenant / Platoon Leader), although I typically lead squads, sometimes I'd lead groups of people that would go up to 40 or 50, much of the time from other units & I'd need to coordinate with squad leaders. Because of my previous experience, I do not expect a promotion to any leadership role and/or rank. I think that I should progress through the ranks as would anyone else and the speed at which I'd progress would be dependent on how well I serve the unit. I have almost 2 years using the M249 & M240B when I was in a U.S. army unit, and even though I haven't used those weapons in awhile, I think that I could become proficient and competent with using them relatively easily after some refreshment with their usage. I have an extensive amount of information about Russian vehicles, weapons, accessories, and my knowledge about their tactics isn't necessarily extensive, but I know it well enough, as I've read their documents, to apply the principles of a Russian unit, & especially a VDV one. I know much about parachuting as I was the leader of my own VDV unit for over a year. I wouldn't mind writing doctrines, AAR's (After Action Reports) & documents for SOP & training people and/or being a drill instructor as I was the (self-appointed) Drill Instructor for my unit for BCT's. I know how to conduct FTX's (Field Training Exercises) as well. Be advised: most of this experience has been gained in a Russian unit, but by & large the principles can be applied to an effective extent. I have many documents & SOP write-ups, so if you'd like any of those, then you may simply request for them and I'll provide them to you. I would like to explicitly state: I will abide by your rules & procedures according to how they're intended to be done regardless of my agreement or disagreement, and if I will not attempt to insist on changing it simply because I have ideas of my own. I once knew someone who attempted to join my unit and he was so conceited and he disobeyed my orders and was so condescending because of what he knew & had experience with.. he wasn't in the unit for long and when he was he was such an annoyance, so that's why I would like for anyone who's interested in recruiting me to know. I'm consistently available (only occasionally not available) from 1800-2200 EST on Mondays-Fridays. I'm inconsistently available during the weekends.

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Hi All, I've literally just got A3 from the humble bundle. Im not 100% sure about a lot of the arma stuff but im interested in vs ai and casual pvp missions. Im also located in Australia, and im generally on thursdays 4-6 Pm AEST and saturdays at any given time, as well as a few other days.

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hello im an avid adult gamer from the EST -5 timezone and im looking for a ww2 unit. plz inbox me

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About me:

Latvia, 26 years old. GMT+2.

Playing airsoft IRL for 3 years, know bits of stuff there and here. Naturally, I speak with some russki accent.



ArmA2 600h+, ArmA3 981h. Played ArmA series for over 8 years in total. Been in many units, very well experienced in the following roles:

  • Squad Leader
  • 2IC
  • Fireteam Leader
  • Marksman
  • Medic
  • MG
  • Reconnaissance
  • JTAC/Radioman
  • Zeus

Mostly I prefer to be in either reconnaissance positions or Zeus positions, as I love to make various missions from realism types up to spray and pray types. Usually I tend to go hardcore-ish when I establish myself as a Zeus in the unit. That means, I create a MCC base with limited resources. Depending on the outcome of each mission, the MCC will either be upgraded or not. Same goes for the vehicles and other equipment. To make players do thoughtful decisions.


I also am pretty experienced in, as it has been told before, other roles. Most experienced ones are Medic and Recon. Other than that, it's also possible to become an instructor.


Looking for:


A EU-based unit, hopefully the one that falls into GMT+2 or around that time zone criteria. I also prefer US-themed units.

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2 Aussies looking for a laid back Co-op unit.

Sir_Fraser - My mate

Senastheminer - Me


Sir_Fraser info:

Preferred role: Heavy Gunner

Able to: Pilot (CAS/Fighter/Helicopter), Medic, UAV, Tank Gunner/Driver.

NOTE: Doesn't like command positions.


Senastheminer Info:

Preferred Role: Pilot (CAS/Fighter/Helicopter)

Able to: Marksmen/Sniper, Heavy Gunner, Tank Gunner/Driver/Commander, UAV, Command squad/Flight Wing.


Would prefer Co-op Unit. Both of us are pretty good shots. GMT/UTC = +10.

Both of us have all the DLC packs and are willing to download mods as needed.

Generally available from 7pm AEST most nights.

Any questions, please let me know.


Thanks All.

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