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Player looking for squad (not for squads to post looking for players!)

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Looking for a dedicated, highly active, respectable

I need an ARMA 3 advance tactical community that focuses on special forces operations. (Must use ACE !)

Im 23 year old with over 1000 hours in ARMA, Socom 2, Rainbow Six Raven Shield

I am a true tactical gamer who also has interest in military simulation

-I can play any role in ARMA extremely well

-I have a headset and use teamspeak

-I am located on the east coast

- I live for US Navy Seal/ PMC/ and BLACK ops scenarios and missions


-I need a community that must use the ACE Mod

Mods I use when playing Arma 3 are

1. ACE

2. MCC

3. Massi Weapons and Unit

4. Alive

5. Other minor mods......

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Name: Luke

Age: 20

Location: St. Louis

Important things to know!

-Active duty USAF aircrew

-familiar with mods and modding

-playing arma for roughly 6 years

-texture skills

Im looking for a medium to large sized milsim unit with decent activity. Arma is pretty much the only thing i do on my downtime. Ive headed and set up training for multiple units fixed wing assets. Would love to assist with air units. not big on infantry or roatery but willing to offer what knowledge i have for any subject. highly active and looking for a community to call home.

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am just looking for units to join in the FUTURE in case my curent unit will disband

Need to be a uk time base unit 18+ with ranks,with and without "SIR YES SIR"

an amarican/uk military base unit,30+ members

(like the 15th meu or the 501 IR)

all so im a expert at mission making


I'm from israel i'm in the army so i could only play from Thursday to saturday

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Hi everyone!

I'm looking to join a team/squad either from the UK or within Europe that speak English.

Name: Davus (online)

Age: Late 20's

Location: UK

PC / Internet: All High Spec and High Speed - I'll telling you this so you don't worry about connectivity issues with me.

Game Modes Interested In: So far I've played mainly Coop and PVP but if I find a good team then anything really.

Mods: I haven't downloaded any yet as I haven't needed to.

TeamSpeak: Yes

Team Player: Definitely! I always carry extra equipment, ammo, etc for team mates just in case. I normally carry smoke grenades, primary and secondary ammo, faks, different scopes, etc.

Looking For: Blonde or brunette, decent personality, nice big ti......Nah I'm messing :P lol

Just a bit of background on me so you know what you're getting.....

I've played a few hours on Arma 2 and ended up deciding to buy Arma 3 a few days ago including all of the DLC. Since then I have decided to play mainly as a sniper as I really enjoy providing support for my team and patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity to take-down an enemy as well as being a good pair of eyes for my team from a good vantage point.

I use rifles irl so I understand bullet drop, zeroing, etc.

Whatever team I join I'll take it as serious as you would like me to as this is what it's all about. When a team works well and listens, that's when it all comes together nicely.

If you're interested then please pm me. Thanks

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I'm looking for an arma 3 realism unit I am a loyal person and trustworthy. I have been in several other realism unit's including one I was in for 2 years for I44 in ARMA 2 where I reached the rank of Major. now for my schedule my job gives schedules out weekly and it's a rotating schedule which means I don't work the same days every week so if you have weekly training I may not be able to make it every week depending on my schedule for that week so if you don't mind that then great. One other thing I want to say is I do have some FPS issues in ARMA 3 depending on the mods and islands that are used but I have been able to play with decent FPS and have over 200 hours on ARMA 3. so please send me a pm I look forward to hearing from you.


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Looking for US Milsim team

I'm an Army combat medic veteran of 8 years and 2 deployments.

Then worked Private Military Contracting for Academi (Blackwater) for 2 years in Afghanistan.

and have over 200 hrs in Arma 3, mostly multiplayer.

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ok im looking for a group to play with. i have been around arma for years and i know what im doing. what im looking for is a 18 + group a group who can get along follow the current leader for the mission without complaints.

at least until mission is over. and play in a tactical environment and enjoy themselves doing so.

im not looking for super cool sf unit .im not looking for super realism with ranks.

main deal breaker for me is well horrible mod packs. im also looking for a group using ace3.

if you think you can handle what i have stated add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/kazenokizu/

please dont add me just to spam me with a copy paste method of what im not looking for. such as supper navy seal group with ranks with xxxx if you do this you will not get a nice reply

Edited by kazenokizu

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The Milsim unit I have been with for the past year recently shut down. I would like to find another unit where I can offer my skills. I don't have consistent availability in the evenings or on weekends, but I enjoy team based real world style tactical challenges whenever I can get them. What I can offer consistently, is availability during the day to work on technical stuff, outside of the game.

I am a 48 year old US Army combat veteran, and an IT professional. I have a lot of experience running ARMA 3 on Linux, and with system administration in general. If you currently have, or want to create one or more Linux game servers, with or without virtualization, and put a top notch system in place for maintenance, I can help. I wrote a web based front end for my last unit, so that less technical members could upload mods, missions, and edit key config settings without forcing them to learn anything too complicated.

My technical skills extend to databases, websites, forum software, and other kinds of backend services a MilSim unit might need. I enjoy this kind of technical work at least as much as I enjoy playing ARMA, and would welcome an opportunity to continue providing this kind of service to another unit. I can provide references if needed.

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Looking for a realism/milsim group Pvp OR COOP Pilot position


Teamspeak/ task force radio

23 years old

have 2700 hours in arma 3

can fly fixed wing and rotor wing with the best

expert in just about all aircraft weapons systems (mods included)

ACE3 experienced

proficient in the editor and basic scripting

i do use 1st person usually and always while flying

steam is rewrew421 or pm me on here

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Hello everyone,

Old veteran community leader of Uncut Gaming (uncutgaming.com) and owner of a 512 teamspeak server looking for some people to play Arma III with. It's not as fun when you play alone, and you get ganged up by squads of experienced players.

I recently bought arma III because I loved playing DayZ on Arma II OA, so I figured Arma III would only be better. Now all I need is some training, and some friends to play it with ;)

I can not play at vast times. Sometimes I play during the night, the morning, the evening, the afternoon. Due to my majorly fked up sleeping pattern, and my girlfriend living with me in a small house, this also means voice chat is limited to when my girlfriend is awake.

As mentioned, I have a website/teamspeak ready for us to use, but if you already have that, I am very willing to switch over!

Let me know if there is anyone out there interested in having me/joining me!

A bit about myself:

Name: Hiddenseek

Age: 22

Country: Norway

Citizenship: Netherlands

Marital Status: Engaged

Experience: Played DayZ on arma 2 for many many months. No experience on arma III what so ever.

Experience leading: I led Uncut Gaming for many years, in it's prime time with over 100 active members.

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My name is Carter and I am looking for a squad to do some Arma 3 ops with. I am more into the sort of squads that have a special forces or PMC vibe to them. Im 14 (turning 15 soon) and can follow orders and can handle myself in a fight.

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Hello everyone! Currently, I am not really looking for a squad but more of a group. I would like to find a group of mature and like-minded individuals, (male or female) to play the Overpoch mod together. I absolutely love the mod and although I am new to Arma 3 in general, I am not that bad at it. To give some background on myself; I am 21 years old, own DayZ Standalone and Arma 3 and have enjoyed playing hardcore survival games for years now. I would like to find a group of mature players, that are willing to take things seriously but have fun and work together to survive as long as possible. If you are interested in starting a group like this, then feel free to message me and I will send you my Skype name and we will get together and talk about it. I have run alone for long enough and I'm now looking to make the game more fun and enhance the chances of survival, not only for myself but for the group as a whole. I am looking forward to hearing from some of you and hope that we can work together and get a group going soon. Also, if you don't have Arma 3 or the Overpoch mod, then we could still run together on the DayZ standalone. However, I don't have the best graphics card and since the standalone isn't fully optimized, I don't run it nearly as smooth as I do the Mod. So, keep this in mind when messaging me, if you only own the SA. Anyways, I can't wait to hear from you all and I look forward to surviving with you all!



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Hey soldiers. I'm looking for a clan or group to play with. 18 years old to be a member is a must, 21 or older is better. I'm 28, and I'd prefer to play with a mature group. I'm former USAF and familiar with ranks, tactics, language and so forth.

I play coop and epoch a lot. If you're a competitive group, I am regularly available to do official matches. I have plenty of experience running, and being a member of quite a few clans in the past.

If you have any questions or an invite, shoot me a pm.

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hey guys,

I'm still looking for a solid group to play arma 3 with. I'm NOT after a full on realism group, just a group that wants to play the game without having to worry about formations or having to do some training before hand etc etc.

I'm 31, from the UK and I've been playing since OFP.

Yes I was part of realism squads in the past, but I'd rather be part of something abit more laid back now!

Cheers all!

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Old man team player with a sense of humor looking for mature and at least semi-serious, tactical players who are willing to show me the ropes. I'm new to Arma and disappointed in vanilla multiplayer; if I get team fragged at the supply window again, I may go back to Xbox. The videos posted for this game seem to bear no relation to the game I'm actually playing.

I'm on the west coast U.S. and I play late at night so either Aussie/NZ or late night U.S. and Canada ... or Hawaii! :D

Help! I really want to love this game. Thanks.

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Please disregard. Thanks to all that were interested.

Edited by BadHabitz

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About Me

Age: 44

Time Zone: CST that's -6 GMT/-5 GMT CDT

Availability: Fridays and Weekends during the day and in the evening after I have dinner(5pm-7pm CST usually) with the wife and kids.

Callsign: I got it during basic training back in 1989 while in the US Army. I was caught smoking cigarettes in the latrine and since my last name is Manuel and the drill sergeant thought it was funny while "smoking me" He started calling me "Smokerman" which was eventually shortened to Smoker. When I started online gaming/forum broswing in the mid 1990's and I needed a username/callsign/nickname I just started using it.

PC Gaming style: I prefer realism type games to run and gun but do play both with moderate success. I do not fly in any games unless you want to see me crash which I will do if you'd like to see it.

Push-to-talk VOIP: I prefer TeamSpeak but Ventrilo is fine. I have no experience with Mumble.

Type of Squad: 18+ preferred. I'm not seeking total realism, I want serious fun. A group that takes a mission seriously, actively working together to do whatever needs to be done. I'm not looking for a group full of strict ranks, requirements, rules, regulations, etc. Some light banter, goofing off, etc should be allowed. Obviously leadership is necessary and I enjoy even doing my part, just not going to call some 20 something "never have" a SGT or Gunny or any other rank they didn't actually earn. Screaming at someone for forgetting to follow radio SOP is overdoing it. Allowing players to run off -Rambo style- like they're playing DayZ, is seriously under-doing it.

PvP and Coop: Yes, both. I like to have options.

Additional comments: I have a couple of friends who I play other game with that are interested in the same style of play. We are mostly prior service and all over 30. We also are looking for a group that is using or going to use ACE 3 and either ACRE or TFR.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Name: Vlad "Denuro"

Age: 23

Time Zone: GMT +2, Latvia


All days, except for Friday and Saturday - 18:00-23:30;

Friday, Saturday - any time.

Game experience:

I've played a lot of military shooters. CoD series, Battlefield series, Operation Flashpoint, ArmA: Armed Assault, ArmA 2, ArmA 3.

I played ArmA 2 for nearly two years. That's with ACE/ACRE modifications.


I'm very well experienced as a combat medic (corpsman), FTL, Marksman, spotter and sniper. Previously preferred to work only in fireteams, as a medic or a rifleman, but switched over to a more remote-ish style, as a recon team member. I do put teamwork as a top priority and I am focused more on giving out exact intel over AO&Hostiles whereabouts, as well as providing covering fire for those who are on a hot spot.


My english is not native, so while I can do small errors here and there, while typing, my actual spelling/pronounce sometimes may be harsh.

May not work effectively as a part of a fireteam (e.g rifleman) due to some social issues, that's why I prefer lately to be either a Marksman/Spotter/Sniper aka Recon team member.

I'm into:

I'm looking for an organized milsim unit or semi-milsim unit. As well as realistic (as much as possible) experience during operations, to dive into military immersion and not only gain joy from it but also provide it to others, hopefully.

Additional skills:

Able to operate a helicopter.

Able to drive a light vehicle/medium vehicle.

Experience from mission making (Mostly ArmA2)

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Hello all arma fans, I'm 54 years old and have been playing arma 2 and 3 dayz etc, I play every night when not at work and I am looking to join a clan, any English speaking clan you be great.

Only just started playing Arma 3 online and really would like to join a clan.

My have steam/ TS account.

So if your looking for a new (oldish) member please give me a shout.



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Im looking to get back into this game after a year break I'm a UK casual player ( work restricts game time) I'm 24 played arma since the armed assault and I'm looking for some casual player or casual clan to play with my steam name is : NutsFathead

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hey guys

im looking to get back into arma 3 after a year break

im 24 from UK and im looking for a casual gaming clan or squad to get some games with since im a family man with job work B.S 3 shift patterns so weekend are the best days for me, i have been playing the arma series since armed assault, basically looking for a cracking bunch of lads to play a milsim with

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Hello gentlemen,

I am looking for a unit that emphasizes realism when it comes to tactics, training, and communication. I highly prefer smaller, tight units (delta forces, navy seals, rangers, or something similar). I do not like large units with 40+ or more people. I have been playing Arma III for about a year and I love it. My favorite and preferable roles are recon, marksman, demolitions, and shooter.

I have teamspeak and a working mic

I am 25 years old (26 in july)

I am a nice guy

I am mature and like playing realistically and authentically

I live in Los Angeles (PST timezone)

My steam name is IPL

*I am only available to play on Sunday evenings* If you are not a small realism unit that plays on sunday evenings, please do not bother contacting me, or for the sake of advertising your unit. I want a unit that I can commit to on sunday evenings.

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Age 33

East Coast

Looking for realsim/ co-op squad

Decent pilot, Decent driver, Getting better at shooting.

Have Teamspeak and Mic

I bought Arma a few months ago to play some realsim a few friends of mine bought it also but they got hooked on Altis Life. Nothing wrong with that but thats not why I bought Arma.

I do have some experience with general game play and I have no problem learning more. I'm mature and will take things seriously when needed but I am a rather laid back guy over all.

PM me on here or hit me up on steam: o2rkiller420

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Hello everyone,

I'm a 33 year old player looking for a group. I live on the east coast of the US so am in EST. I have a working mic and teamspeak. I've been in the Marine Corps for 12 years, so i understand how to work as part of a team and very much enjoy it. I was part of a unit that just folded due to low numbers and resources and would like to join another one. I've got a good working knowledge of Ace and a few other mods. Looking forward to join a team. Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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