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Player looking for squad (not for squads to post looking for players!)

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I am a 14 year old from Canada. I am turning 15 in August. I am in the Eastern time zone (UTC -5). I am looking for an active clan.

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Hi all my names Dom

I am 19, a university student, i have played ARMA II since i was about 16, however i never really played it online if i am honest.

I am looking for a fairly serious squad to help me get better, i would like to complete custom missions (CO-OP kinda thing).

I also have interest in fighting against other squads.

So basically i am looking for someone i can employ some strategy with, whilst having a good time :)


I am UK based and live on GMT+0 Greenwhich mean time.

Thanks for reading Dom

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I´m a 32 years old german gamer with a wide variety of games - mainly FPS and MMOs.

Here some of the games i played more frequently:

- Battlefield 1942

- Battlefield 2

- Battlefield Bad Company 2 incl. Vietnam Addon

- Joint Operations

- Battlefield 3 incl. all Addons (still active)

- Guild Wars incl. all Addons

- Aion


- Tera (still active about every second day for some time)

- Final Fantasy XIV: ARR (currently Beta)

- Lineage 2

and of course many singleplayer games as well.

Personally i rather rely on tactics than on fast action in FPS, which is the main reason i don´t like CoD. Random spawn just ruins all tactics.

I feel comfortable with all infantry roles except when it´s getting to CQC. I like it once in a while but most of the time i dislike it, because in every game people act like their virtual life isn´t worth a dime and just jump around the corner and end up flaming me because i don´t do alike... But it seems these kind of players are a bit harder to find in ArmA, so that´s good.

I have no problems with following orders and doing as told, although the perfect squad would be one where orders aren´t needed, except for directions. However, this doesn´t mean i want strict silence when gaming. It´s a game after all and - unless some big scale events or "wars" - i do think you should be allowed to chitchat once in a while. Well, actually it would be ideal when everyone konws when he can talk. So if you are walking for miles to evaq or some target, talk, why not. Just not those people starting a chat when there are 5 people around you. That´s a part i really hate.

So baseline: discipline when needed!

I am looking for a (preferrably) german squad that fits me and with which i get along well.

I do like all gametypes for now, except "Camp the gunstore" (or was it called Wasteland?).

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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UK player, first Arma game but learning quickily. Can already fly a chopper easily.

I've been looking for a gruop/team of around 6-7 or more to play with regurarly on arma 3 using teamwork, tactics callouts and general Arma3 squadplay the way it's meant to be. Willing to learn proper movements and cover tactics as no arma pages on here seem to be active or regular on arma 3 only arma 2. So if you have a team that logs in everyday for an hour or two and plays as a unit let me know, thanks.

Mature, 22, mic, teamspeak 3 and all the rest.


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I'm not really interested in joining a squad at the moment, but I am looking for a good community to join. I like playing tactical/realism and I like playing coop mostly. So many servers running wasteland now that it's hard to find a good server with cooperative players.

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I'm 22 and live in the U.S. Central Time.

I'm looking for a realism unit, with serious fun.

My schedule varies as I work in the food industry, I normally have Sunday's and Wednesday off, though this may change.

I have; a mic, editing skills (basic-somewhat advanced), and patience.

I have no problem following orders, or working as a team (that's actually what I really want from a group).

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I'm looking for an english-speaking fun clan that uses tactics and strategic gameplay in ArmA 3. I can't really join a dedicated clan at the moment, since I'm located in Japan and the time zones are a bit too different, but I am looking for a group that maybe has late night events and servers.

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Hello, I'm 26 from the US and looking for a casual milsim group, or to help build/start a milsim or paramilitary group. I have some skills to offer a starting/small group: Leadership, good command presence, tactics, and training. My RL job works with Adobe Photoshop and I build websites.

I'm looking for tactics, communication, and fun times. I would prefer a US-PVP based group that is 18+. I have a Mic.

My play style is very supportive. I believe that if I have two fist aid kits, I have one me and one for a friend. If someone is wounded and I have one FAK, he needs it more than I do. I feel that I should add that I strive to be a player that can be relied on, inside and outside the game. I currently carry ammo for three primary weapons, extra 30rnd secondaries, 10+ FAK's to support my team, and enough bang to secure a medium sized base... or destroy one ;)

Mind you this is for servers that allow saved builds. ^^^

If you have questions for me, or think I might be a good fit for your clan please PM me.

Thank you

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Hi Everyone

I am a 20 year old UK player and I am looking for a semi serious group to play with that has good communication and tactics but also has a fun time. This is the first ARMA game I have played however I have learning very fast. So far I have mainly played Wasteland however I will join any other game mode. I have a mic and I am very active player and can play most nights.



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Here is a brief description of myself:

Timezone: Central America (-6 Hours)

Schedule to play: 11 pm - 1 pm Tue - Sat. All day Sun/Mon

Microphone: Yes

Teamspeak / Vent / etc: Yes

Experience: United States Marine Corps Infantry - 4 years. Video games - entire life. First time Arma player.

Hardware: Radeon HD 7970, AMD Fx- 4170, Asus m5a97, 8 gig ram (able to upgrade to 16)

Wife: yes

Child: yes (1)

College: yes

Age: 24

Sex: M

I thank you for taking the time to review my post. I appreciate any and all responses.

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Hello everyone, 26 yr old male here from the US mountain time zone. I am completely new to the Arma series and have just barely downloaded the aplha. Looking for some people to play with, and possibly mentor. I am willing to take orders and would like a serious experience or whatever happens. I have a mic so if interested send me a message please.

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I am a 18 year old guy looking for a clan or community toplay arma 3 with.

I am from Sweden (GMT+1) So anything EU-Based is fine. I don't mind playing

either seriously or a bit more casually, but I'd prefer at least a semi-serious group

to run with. I play quite a lot when I don't have too much things to do in real life

of course. I have a mic and I am ready to download and voice chat program you

might be using.

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Age: 20

Timezone: Eastern US GMT -5

Schedule: College Student, Free for several months currently

Microphone: Yes

Experience: 3 Years in Realism experience from basic rifleman to platoon lead. Coordinating vehicles and infantry, conducting trainings, constructing missions/scenarios, and being a pal. Arma 2, Darkest Hour, Red Orchestra, and Mount & Blade.

What I'm Looking For: A 'squad' that can balance fun and realism. To be able to use tactics which might be based on real life but modified to fit the game and nature of playing a video game. I'm not here to play army, I'm here to play smart. One policy I like is no drama/no politics. I want to be your buddy, play some games, have some laughs, but keep a lot of nonsense out of it. I look for a group that isn't so closed off and is willing to welcome others with a warm hello. Private message for more info.

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My first ArmA game was Operation Flashpoint for the xbox which I got around a year ago at a used game store. It was one of the most fun games I have ever played from that generation of consoles and I've only played the single player. Unfortunately I never got to play ArmA 2 (with the exception of the free version) because my PC couldn't run it. Now I have bought a new computer, have ArmA 3 and am familiar with the game. All I want is a squad that has a pre-existing user base with at least 4 players and a group that does pvp or coop missions on a weekly bases. Also I don't want to be a part of any squad that disallows muti-claning but other than that I am not very picky. Other than that I live in US pacific timezone and am willing to take advice from other players.

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i am looking for a team to play some games with.... i have played arma 2 before aswell as this one.... my favourite game mode atm is wasteland maybe because i cant play other missions on my own but a group that likes wasteland would be a bonus, i know about tactical gameplay and everything but the squad i a looking for i dont want a squad that is too serious about everything as it is just a game although i do like to win...

not looking for huge team either as you never get to know the members...... if anyone is interested PM me.....

Thanks Muchly

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(First, let me admit the format here was borrowed, and much of the text kept the same, form an earlier response I think was well written and along the lines of what I want)

In Search Of

Times: I generally play from 11 PM to 1 AM Central US time. I can't usually make much headway in being able to set aside other things outside of these times, except on weekends.

18+ somewhat mature players: I understand that some adults are childish, and many teens are mature, but I wanted to draw the line somewhere. In my experience, I've seen more people older than twenty-five act mature than under. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it is a main consideration. Let's put it this way - I'm a 25-30 year old in a 40+ year old body.

PvP and Coop: Yes, both. I have a preference of larger (12v12 and up) pvp with a focus on objective based gametypes versus TDM etc. I am willing to play any gametype, but just prefer as described.

English speaking NA servers preferred. (Max Ping: 150): I may be able to play on some European/Australian servers with less than 150 ping. If you think I can do that, I'm up for trying it out.

Dedicated server preferred (No laggy local servers): I'd rather not join a privately hosted server with a 200 ping. As above, I can be flexible, but in my experience it just simply usually doesn't work well...

Serious fun: I'm not seeking total realism, I want serious fun. A group that takes a mission seriously, actively working together to do whatever needs to be done. I'm not looking for a group full of strict ranks, requirements, rules, regulations, etc. Some light banter, goofing off, etc should be allowed. Obviously some leadership is necessary, just don't overdo it. Screaming at someone for forgetting to follow radio SOP is overdoing it. Allowing players to run off -Rambo style- like they're playing DayZ, is underdoing it. THIS was copied verbatim, no doubt, but states things well. I am never above or immune from ball busting etc. I am even up for some strict realsim missions if that is something folks awant to do - but I am here to enjoy myself as well, so let's keep it light but effective...

Push-to-talk: I don't like open mic comms, unless you have some friggin courtest - I don't want to hear your roommate/significant other bitch at you, or you talk to your mom, etc. I won't subject you to that either. In fact, I normally Skype -with people I know will keep things concise. Otherwise, PTT. Have TS, never used it, open to other free comm sources you may suggest or even in-game ...

Actively growing: Being a part of a small core of players is great. I've had great fun with just a few friends in many, many games, this one included. That said, I enjoy Arma most when I'm with a large group of people. I don't need an enormous group of players, but I do want a group that wants to grow. I know I won't get many invites from huge successful Arma groups anyway. Let's be frank, if your group is already fantastically successful, you probably wouldn't be reading this thread.

About Me

What do you want to know? I have a fair group of close gaming friends, some of which would undoubtedly come with me - we've been plaing a3 together since release. All similar styles...

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Ahoy there,

I'm looking for a casual MILSIM clan/group for ArmA3, that is English speaking and is based in Europe. Strong teamwork, coordination and communications without going overboard on soldiering.

In point form, these are the things I'm looking for:

Teamwork/Coordination: I would like to work along side people that understand teamwork and aim to coordinate operations together. This may come in the form of combined arms or general squad/platoon tactics.

Communication: I have VOIP programs - Ventrilo and Teamspeak. I would prefer not to use Mumble or Skype as I find them highly annoying.

Casual MilSim: Concise orders, a notion of tactics, coordinate combined arms operations, things like that. I have no desire of being shouted by someone pretending to be a drill sergeant or because I choose not to roleplay the role of an enlisted soldier. The OFP/ArmA series are after all military simulators and would therefore prefer to play it like that. That said, I am open to the idea of occasional games of DayZ and general cracking open a beer to have some giggles and banter.

Member base: A growing one would be nice, at least those that play somewhat regularly and dont mind if I disappear once in a while due to RL business. I already do play the game with a couple milsim friends so a group of welcoming people that aim at expanding would be great.

Regular Difficulty Servers: This may be a bit odd, but I cannot stand moving and maneuvering from first person mode. I of course fire through iron sights in controlled bursts/single shot, but the lack of perception and field of view in 1st person mode I find unbearable, and would thus prefer 3rd person enabled servers.

About me:

Age: 28

Timezone: GMT+1 Paris

Availability: Most evenings, weekends

I don't even know how many hours of clocked in ArmA. I started with Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis, Resistance, followed by a small bit of ArmA1, and a fairly large dose of ArmA2. I currently actively use both VBS2 (militarized ArmA1) alongside ArmA2 for work on a fairly regular basis. In real life I'm an officer in the French military and currently teach at the artillery school, mainly regarding artillery tactics and Close Air Support.

My gameplay of choice thus far in ArmA2 has been Domination: One Team. I find that in this game mode that communication and coordination matters most, even if its with complete strangers against the AI. I find that the combined arms and coordination between players, no matter how small always has an impact - even if I am in a 2-3 man "commando" team with close friends on VOIP, I find the overall gameplay quite fun.

I find piloting entertaining, and must admit (with much shame to a degree) that I've mastered precision "dive-bombing" with GBU-12s when noone on the team has bothered to bring a laser designator and must do it myself.

My preferred 'role' in the game is as an Artillery Observer / Forward Air Controller, of which I understand the concept very well. Often in the Domination games, my friends and I fulfill the role of a TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) so that we can guide the pilot and act as a force multiplier. As such my standard loadout in ArmA2:OA tends to involve an assault rifle, laser designator, ATGM of some kind (NLAW / Javelin) to take out Tunguskas with a back pack with some Satchels for those side missions.

If you are interested in me, please contact me through forum PM or by steam (my name is the same there), and I would be happy to get to know your group :)

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Im kind of new player to this game, i played Arma 2 a little and now im very interested in this game. Im looking for squad to play with, finnish squad if possible :)

Im not a leader kind of type, at least not yet. My playing style is kind of F***** up becouse of all the call of dutys and battlefield games ;) but im very adaptive kind of guy and i wanna be good team player.

Looking to have some fun times with this game but for that i need friends to play with.

Feel free to add me on steam, my nick is Kultalaaki.

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Age: 44

Nationality: Swedish (English fluently)

Timezone (Gaming hours): EU

Gaming Hours: 10-15 hours/week

TS/Vent/Mic: Yes

Gaming Rig: Premium build, late 2012

Servers: Web, FTP, 500 user Teamspeak license.

Wife: Yes

Kids: 1

Hi all,

I am a 44 year old FPS-gaming vet from Sweden looking to get back into ARMA-series. Although I am only looking to play A3 I would prefer to join an organised milsim squad that is already up and running in ARMA II.

I have some RL military background and would like to explore the milsim possibilities (squad tactics, combined arms, execution of operational plans etc.) in A3, with all that comes with it.

If you feel that your squad/community could have use for someone like me feel free to send me a PM.

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my name is Atlantis (the Thief is often just to have a unique name and to be recognised) and I am looking for a squad to play Arma 3 with. My interest is all about objective based gaming, no matter if its PVE or PVP. What I mean by objective based gaming is to have missions that involves more than "go and kill point A", "go and kill point B" and so on, but with more changes to it. I'm very interested to have this type of experience in the limits of PVE aswell as in PVP. I have played Arma 2 since summer 2012, before that my pc sadly couldn't handle this game.

I like to play on a high realism level, i enjoyed in Arma 2 to play with ACRE, ACE and several other mods to enhance my gameplay experience. I just LOVE to play things tactical.

About me

I am from Germany and 22 years old. I like to play games of different types, currently playing a lot of EVE Online.

What can i bring in?

I can be another gun on your side when it comes to defend a place, or use a vehicle to push through the enemy. I learn fast, so if there are any "in-the-stone" procedures, i will be willing to learn them, aswell as to suggest some ideas if i can come up with.

When is my time to play?

Since i am from Germany my prime-time is around 20:00 GMT+1 and in general lasts till 01:00.

What am i looking for?

This is just a quick summarize:

I am looking for a squad that plays Arma 3 in a tactical and realistic way. The best would be a TS3 Server, since i want ACRE badly ;). I have no issues to play with people older or younger than me. It would be perfect when the squads play around 20:00 GMT+1 preferable also in Week because Weekends are often filled with RL.

AND there should be no mandatory gametimes, since i have a RL and it can change my free gaming time ;)

Well, that's it can't think of what to write anymore.

Waiting for your PMs ^^

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Let me start off by saying that while I have played some ArmA II and OA, it was either campaign or just playing SP missions. I do however want to start to get into the MP side of the series because from watching videos of clans it seems very fun. Now, I play with an Xbox controller because FPS games with the keyboard and mouse are still very hard for me. I am learning though and hopefully soon I will be able to play with those soon.

What I'm looking for:

Playtime: Scheduled events would be best because I work and go to school and my work schedule changes every week.

Age: 18+ would be best but honestly this doesn't matter to me as long as people are mature. I'm 21.

I would prefer Coop over PVP but again, either one would be fine.

English speaking NA servers would be preferred.

I'm not looking for total realism but tactical play during gameplay is fine.

Doesn't matter to me if the clan is small and growing or already established. Either will be fine.

Military rankings within the clan are fine also.

Contact me on here or Steam. Steam ID is Rampage914

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Age: 26

Nationality: Swedish

Language: English (and Swedish of course)

TimeZone: CET (UTC+1)

Available at:

• Monday: 18:00-20:00

• Tuesday: 18:00-22:00

• Wednesday: 18:00-22:00

• Thursday: 18:00-20:00

• Friday: 20:00-00:00

• Saturday: 10:00-00:00

• Sunday: 10:00-22:00

Although I probably just want to play 2-3 hours 2-3 times a week.

Communication: In possession of microphone and TeamSpeak.

Coop/PvP: Preferably Coop

Experience: I've played both ArmA, ArmA2 and ArmA2:OA, but not much multiplayer. I've played some DayZ though. I see myself more as a casual gamer, rather than focused on military simulators.

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What you get:

Age: 35

Time Zone: EST

Steam name: Switch

Available to play: Most evenings and weekends.

Experience: OPF, Arma2, DayZ, Wasteland and Arma3. Solo and mostly unorganized play with a friends doing co-op and PvP.

Skill: I consider myself an above average player, know some basic squad tactics, and willing to learn more. I can operate vehicles with proficiency and safely pilot when necessary.

Favorite Roles: Sniper/Spotter, Covert Ops, Recon (in that order) although I enjoy just about everything.

Other: I am willing to help promote and grow the group. Will be an active part of the community. Server, website and forum administration experience.

Looking for:

A mature group with squad based co-op and PvP tactical play. Roles, ranks and leadership while keeping attitudes fun and light.

Not looking for:

Internet tough guys who curse at you for 10 minutes because of an innocent mistake. Immature "leet speaking" trash talkers. Super hardcore/ultra realism.

Thanks for reading,


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Age: 29

Time Zone: U.S. EST

Mic: Yes

Available to play: Most evenings after 8pm EST and Saturdays.

Experience: This is my first ARMA game, have tinkering with the Alpha, but really don't know what I'm doing. Will need to be taught the ropes.

Looking for: Squad based co-op and PvP tactical play. Since I'm new, looking for a squad that is serious, but not too serious or hardcore.

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