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VTS 4.0 - Live Multiplayer Mission Creating Tool for A3

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Full Operation usage :

License Information : You may edit the .PBO mission content to your need and taste, but you may not use any VTS system outside the the VTS mission without written permission.

What is VTS - Virtual Training Space

VTS is a mission sandbox.

One of the connected players choose to be the Game Master when the mission start.

VTS allow the Game master(s) to create multiplayers cooperatives missions in real time (players connected). with a lot of short cuts to make it quickly.

You don't need to know anything in scripting or mission editing.

It's really easy to use, you can spawn everything on the map just in 2 clicks.

You can play in MP or SP (very good to test new islands, vehicles or to use Arma in Role play with friends).

And the best, the mission dynamically pre-load every addons of your game (custom addons too), ready to use.

How to - Run VTS on any maps :

Just rename the mission .pbo file to the according island you want to play on, example, rename : co150_vtsXXX.altis.pbo to co150_vtsXXX.sahrani.pbo if you want to play on Sahrani map (or you can use the .bat file in the archive to generate the .pbo for various popular maps).

Features :

  • Live operation creator and adaptive playflow.
  • Compatible with every past & future customs addons.
  • Powerfull & simple AI management (compatible with any AI addons).
  • Gamemaster / operator centered mission.
  • One interface to rule them all... and in the darkness bind them.
  • After Action Report multiplayer replay system to revive the mission.
  • Multiple mission parameters & rules.
  • Ultra powerful player gear system.
  • Fully configurable equipment shop.
  • Dynamic helicopter lift system.
  • Players helicopter rappelling system.
  • Ingame group management.
  • Simple configurable revive system.
  • Hostages system.
  • HVTs system.
  • IEDs system.
  • AI transport system (Air & Land).
  • Sabotage system.
  • Pick-able Object systems.
  • Logistic systems.
  • And much more...
  • Unleash the BIS sandbox power in a few clicks and let your imagination do what ever you want.
  • From hardcore operation to fast action mission, or even TvT.

Quick Manual (thanks to Kibot) : Manual

Lastest version : Beta 35

Download 01 : Direct link

Download 02 : Armaholic mirror (Ensure version is up to date)

Special thanks to : Kremator & Baph

Arma 3 VTS 4.0

B35 version:

-fixed UI bugs

-fixed fastrope issue

-Improved fastrope render

-Improved vehicle lift render

-fixed & improved VTS revive system

-Improved vts_isStealableUniform option

-Updated UPSMON scripts by Azroul

-Update HC system to use the new method.

-Other fix for stuff BIS breaks

B33 version:

-Fixed : GM object marker not at good position when spawning OBJECT type in 3D on dedicated.

-Improvement : GM Musics list are also build from mission CfgMusics now (useful when musics are integrated directly into mission)

-Improvement : Fast rope now give better visual feedback (thanks to Mach1muscle351)

-Fixed : Shop sometime unable to buy magazine having the same name class as a weapon

-Fixed : Movable object carried by soldiers doesn't arm vehicle anymore on contact

-Improvement : Client should not spawn in water anymore on initial launch with high network imprecision setting on the server

-Fixed : VTS Revive should not stuck anymore to revive player with 0 live left

-Improvement : Fix Swim Animation Bug now also Fix FreeFall Animation Bug

-Improvement : Spawning manned Plane/Helicopter in 3D will not spawn them flying anymore (usefull for ready to take of plane / helico)

-Improvement : Leader of group with no order will not prone and stay in the empty anymore (with AI Smart Waypoint management)

-Change : Renamed VTS_IstransportVehicle script by VTS_isTransportTaxi

-Shop Improvement : Buying a weapon is now offering a magazine free of charge loaded in the weapon (if you have enough space in your inventory)

-Change class Improvement : Listing is now sorted by Alphabetical order

-Fixed : Delete sometime was not deleting correctly the crew of vehicle in certain situation

-Fixed : Vehicle Skill not read correctly on property panel in certain situation

-Fixed : Change class, removing backpack with scope = 1 even if parent backpack was available in the shop

-Improvement : Seek And Destroy order will now hunt nearby enemy indefinitely (with AI Smart Waypoint management)

-Improvement : Unit with no order or having a short patrol will now hold their initial position in combat (with AI Smart Waypoint management)

-Fixed : Issue with "populate with civilian" when no vehicle is know in the selected faction

-Improvement : "Populate with civilian" spawn 50% more NPC and moving NPC uped from 10% to 30% (Be carefull with big radius)

-Update : Updated UPSMON behavior script to lastest (thanks Azroul13)

-New feature : vts_IsNavigableCargoHalo which allow plane or chopper with navigable rear cargo to be used as static halo/para drop point. (Only work with vehicle you can walk inside)

-Shop New feature : "Import/Export Loadout", usefull to share gears setups, as text, outside of the game.

-Shop Improvement : Better detection of Uniform compatibility with the player

-Fixed : Shop giving backpack without removing the content of the backpack.

-Fixed : Terrain Thermal issue at night

-New feature : After Action Report, available for GMs. Allow to record part or all of the mission to replay it later (Playback are broadcasted to all connectect player, Export/Import are only functionnal with @iniDBI mod due to their large size).

-Added Zeus compatibility if detected on the installation.

-Improvement : GMs markers are now more dynamic and show up all spawned mission objects

-New feature : GMs can now change Wind strength

-Improvement : E and R keys can now be used to cycle through unit to spawn in 3D spawning

-Improvement : Added a confirmation to the "send player to base" to avoid miss click

-Improvement : Filtering object now is caching results for faster research with the same filter

-Fixed : GMs UI Help lines alignement

B32 version:

-Improvement : Added Fast and Fastest speed on camera, 3d placement and 3d move (ALT or ALT+SHIFT)

-Improvement : Added slower speed for 3D placement and 3d move for lower angle rotation and height change (CTRL)

-Improvement : Headless client is now teleportable by GM

-Fixed : Some ammo box not correctly displayed in logistic spawning list

-Improvement : Logistic list doesn't show up backpack anymore (only crates)

-Improvement : Change class now use Shop items availability on player (ex: if a scope is unavailable in the shop using a class with a scope as default item will be removed)

-Improvement : Better name display for Units of the Change class menu

-Improvement : Param panel now only display 2 number after comma

-Improvement : GM spawn selector now also display class name (which can also be used for filtering)

-New Features : vts_isclue to give object meaning to players

-Improvement : Added more editor object in the Object selector spawner

-Improvement : Spawning objects in 3D should be more gentle for the surrounding environement

-Change : Spectator mode now only show units from the same side

-Improvement : Change GM object marker color to Yellow for better visibility

-Change : Logistic object also spawn a GM Marker

-Change : GM - Disabling Players marker also disable VTS Death message for GMs

-Improvement : "Weapon on back" now keep weapon on back, use "Weapon in Hand" to get it back.

-New features : vts_ShowObjectsOwner for GM to know multiplayer ownership of mission objects

-New function : vts_setbasepos to allow a base to be moved to an object or a position (usefull to move a base inside a building)

-New features : vts_IsMovable to enable logistic behavior on objects (that can be moved by players and loaded into vehicles)

-New function : vts_EnableGM to enable GM UI on any player mid-game

-Improvement : Updated command line examples to display usefull functions

-Change : Replaced order UPS ambush by UPS Hold Area

B31 version :

-Fixed : Shop frenzy auto scrolling since A3 1.10 (at least ?)

-Fixed : Shop not showing correctly some custom item (was mixed with weapon attachements list)

-Fixed : Joining group via group manager will now let leader to associate team color correctly (Hopefully)

-Improvement : Group manager is now squad manager

-Improvement : Squad manager now allow player to join Fireteam (red,blue,green,yellow)

-Improvement : Squad manager ergonomic

-Fixed : Squad manager Sometime a player would not join the correct team (hopefully)

-Fixed : VTS revive sometime would not let you revive body close to you because visible pos is too far away from real pos

-Improvement : Change default Terrain LOD to high to fix flying object (doesn't have much impact on performance btw)

-Change : Building & object marker shapes are now only displayed for GMs

B30 version :

-Added : Swim bugfix in the menu command 0 - 8 - 4 to fix the new swim animations stuck bug of Arma 3 1.10 patch

-Improvement : vts_isVIPtoCapture now have los check eye orientation to valid target moral lose

-Improvement : vts_isVIPtoCapture unit should flee lees often after surrendering

-Improvement : vts_isVIPtoCapture can now be neutralized in fist range

-Improvement : vts_isVIPtoCapture surrender condition more coherent now

-Shop Improvement : Weapons attachments has been moved to a new category : 'W. Items'

-Shop New feature : (GM only) Empty current list / Fill current list, that allow GMs to clean/fill the specificied category (ex : Remove all 'W. Items' of the shop if you want the player to only play with iron sight)

-Shop Improvement : Optimization for big listing

-Load/Save Change : The array of weapons unlock and count is now more nested for faster performance (make sure to convert old build if necessary).

-Load/Save change : Weapon unlocks now use ' instead of "" inside the string. That shouldn't affect you if you don't use equipment restriction, else you will have to update your saved data.

-Fixed : Autoscroll implemented in Arma 3 1.10 patch

-Improvement : Load & Save build performance with big shop change list.

-Added : Error message when client world differ from server world (to help tracking bad Server/Player installation)

-Improvement : Change class unit equipment is now linked to shop availability (IE : using a class with gear not in shop will have this gear stripped out)

-Added : Animals are now spawnable in the Object side

-Fixed : Copying Ally loadout making the Ally to put his weapon on his shoulder

-Fixed : VTS Revive, Dead medic player were still able to revive people close to their body

-Added : Ability to put weapon on back 0 - 8 - 6

B29 version :

-Improvement : Increased the valid range of item type displayed by the shop to allow some addons items to be correctly displayed.

-Fixed : Some uniforms from a different side than the player (which then can't be equiped by the player) were still available in the shop

-Improvement : Unit init to be more efficient ran

-Changed : Init now use "_spawn" var instead of "vts_this" make sure you update your saved old mission build if you want to avoid any issue when loading them in this new version

-Fixed : Change class not displaying the good factions when using it as captive

-New feature : vts_isStealableUniform that allow to disguise as dead soldier and infiltrate enemy line (watch out to not blow your cover)

-New feature : vts_isVIPtoCapture that make fighting AIs able to surrender and be capturable by players if they put enough pressure on them.

-Improvement : Now only Explosive specialist have 100% of change of disarming an IED (other class have lower chance)

-Improvement : Buying Uniform in shop now transfer the items of your old uniform to your new one

-Improvement : Buying Vest in shop now transfer the items of your old vest to your new one

-Improvement : Buying Bag in shop now transfer the items of your old bag to your new one

-Improvement : Loading data on mission initialization should be faster

-Fixed : Creating objective for the OBJECT side is no more possible

-Fixed : UI popup error on Arma 3 1.10

-Improvement : Reactivated the crouch follow to VIP & Hostage since BIS fixed the animation transition on A3 1.10

-Fixed : Var error with Load & Save

-Improvement : Mission build loaded are now stored in the spawn history too

-Improvement : JIP bandwidth consumption

Edited by L etranger
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Before Arma 3 videos,

this is an old demo video (17 janv. 2010 on ARMA 2) of what VTS can do.

A lot of thing have been tweaked but the concept stay the same.

Arma 3 Load & save feature demo

if you want to create my example base this is the text file. (You can select all and copy past in VTS)

[[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",22,50,[2998.79,1893.93,-0.530365],[2999.04,1894.59,-0.595871],"",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",22,50,[3002.44,1892.48,-0.545868],[3002.63,1893.13,-0.719467],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",67,50,[3004.94,1890.41,-0.777527],[3005.44,1890.54,-0.740692],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",56,50,[3006.56,1886.74,-0.94519],[3007.23,1887.17,-0.28093],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",67,50,[3008.24,1883.67,-1.09483],[3009.11,1883.75,0.14061],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",67,50,[3009.63,1879.88,0.334473],[3010.57,1880.11,0.472946],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",67,50,[3011.04,1876.09,0.306885],[3012.11,1876.56,0.00201416],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",67,50,[3012.48,1872.68,0.536652],[3013.64,1872.99,0.48317],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",67,50,[3014.38,1868.99,-0.640091],[3015.12,1869.45,0.377594],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",79,50,[3015.44,1865.33,-0.516052],[3016.25,1865.77,0.163239],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",146,50,[3007.37,1856.56,0.564789],[3007.81,1856.09,0.396133],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",146,50,[3004.02,1854.57,-0.691605],[3004.57,1853.92,0.218109],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",146,50,[3000.85,1852.31,-0.656967],[3001.43,1851.73,-0.171967],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",146,50,[2997.74,1849.86,0.211929],[2998.2,1849.57,0.0556335],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",169,50,[2994.63,1848.51,0.340271],[2994.64,1848.07,0.392731],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",180,50,[2990.71,1848.35,0.665924],[2990.85,1847.65,0.506516],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",180,50,[2986.98,1848.26,0.345856],[2987.03,1847.61,0.247787],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",146,50,[2983.2,1847,0.141403],[2983.51,1846.59,0.149933],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",146,50,[2979.94,1845.16,-1.45319],[2980.3,1844.44,0.783875],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",169,50,[2977,1842.91,-1.92094],[2976.77,1842.9,0.738022],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",180,50,[2972.83,1843.66,-1.06921],[2972.94,1842.58,0.814743],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",202,50,[2969.24,1843.36,-1.52336],[2969.17,1843.32,0.722946],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",214,50,[2966.4,1845.97,-1.06352],[2965.79,1845.09,0.926941],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",214,50,[2963.17,1847.74,-1.51491],[2962.61,1847.24,0.96669],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",225,50,[2960.26,1850.35,-1.22435],[2959.72,1849.75,0.732758],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",225,50,[2957.59,1853.19,-1.08138],[2956.98,1852.51,0.748016],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",247,50,[2955.21,1855.85,0.475189],[2954.84,1855.61,0.306076],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",259,50,[2954.25,1859.58,-0.783707],[2953.7,1859.28,0.565231],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",270,50,[2954.4,1863.1,-0.748169],[2953.32,1863.14,0.857056],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",270,50,[2953.96,1866.46,-1.15771],[2953.34,1867,1.0818],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",270,50,[2954.4,1871,-0.360504],[2953.33,1870.83,1.25299],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",292,50,[2954.1,1874.47,-0.90976],[2954.06,1874.58,1.09113],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",315,50,[2956.85,1877.3,-0.608994],[2955.96,1877.9,0.930344],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",304,50,[2958.6,1880.24,-1.98245],[2958.38,1880.93,0.494431],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",304,50,[2960.75,1883.7,-0.39798],[2960.47,1884.16,-0.26297],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",315,50,[2963.34,1886.66,0.0344543],[2962.99,1887.05,0.119949],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",292,50,[2965.56,1889.79,0.0730286],[2965.04,1890.13,0.325867],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",292,50,[2967.34,1893.61,-0.607361],[2966.55,1893.72,0.076355],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",304,50,[2969.06,1896.7,-1.23929],[2968.34,1897.07,0.427353],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",315,50,[2971.59,1899.62,-0.976608],[2970.83,1900.14,0.277649],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",326,50,[2974.39,1901.94,-1.10046],[2973.8,1902.58,0.860092],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",337,50,[2977.91,1903.69,-0.891968],[2977.32,1904.41,0.648422],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",337,50,[2980.8,1905.19,-1.64679],[2980.88,1905.79,0.48143],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",22,50,[2984.29,1905.31,0.273911],[2984.47,1905.81,0.0878754],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",34,50,[2987.59,1903.62,0.146255],[2987.84,1904.07,0.0367889],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",9,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",34,50,[2990.65,1901.56,-0.0971527],[2991.04,1901.93,0.0313873],"nom_v_s1",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Cargo_Patrol_V2_F",19,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",214,50,[3001.96,1889.32,-0.593826],[3001.27,1888.28,-0.593826],"",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Cargo_Patrol_V2_F",19,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",214,50,[2988.14,1900.97,-0.961395],[2987.45,1899.93,-0.96138],"nom_v_s47",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Cargo_Patrol_V2_F",19,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",135,50,[2964.54,1884.71,-0.499496],[2965.42,1883.83,-0.499496],"nom_v_s47",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Cargo_Patrol_V2_F",19,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",360,50,[2990.48,1850.58,-0.492813],[2990.49,1851.83,-0.492813],"nom_v_s47",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Cargo_HQ_V2_F",15,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",157,50,[2964.77,1858.74,0.69986],[2965.21,1859.76,0.699875],"",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Cargo_House_V2_F",11,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",270,50,[2958.53,1870.1,0.90358],[2959.51,1870.1,0.903564],"",""],[2,true,"OBJECT","Object","Building","Land_Cargo_House_V2_F",11,"AWARE","LIMITED","",0.3,"NO CHANGE",67,50,[3007.32,1877.12,1.15094],[3006.42,1876.74,1.15092],"nom_v_s52",""]]

Arma3 VTS mission + All in Arma (AIA)

Just install AIA mod, start the VTS mission and that all ! (you will be able to test all arma objects in arma 3) and if you want create mulitplayers missions with it.

VTS Mission will mount all new objects automatically

Edited by gonza

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Great job :yay:

If you need a server for testing L'etranger, i taked one on ovh.

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Every time I launch the mission it freezes the game. I have tried to install it 3 times and my buddy once aswell and each time it has not worked. Would very much appreciate a fix.

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Any way to make more than one game master? So me and my friend can spawn stuff together?

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@Kryptik : For how long it freeze?

@KamiSama : It was asked already, i took a look at it but the main architecture of the scripts is a lot globlal variable and server listening to them, to ensure multiplayer synchronization. It would be like to redo all the VTS to support another game master and avoid conflictual issues :(

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Hi there, thanks for releasing Virtual TrainingSpace 3.5, its very complex and im still getting to grips with it but thanks!

Was hoping I could ask you a few questions about it, Firstly is there any way to disable the other teams apart from red and blue, when im trying to set a mission up its slightly annoying to have people joining the civ team.

The biggest question I was wondering, would it be possible to somehow make the gamemaster admin only and even better would it be possible to merge it with other game modes? For example the Blitzkrieg missions are great fun and I was looking for a way to turn them to nighttime. Thanks!

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L'etranger .... absolutely amazing seeing this. I WAS going to bed, but had to boot A3 up again just to play it ! Good to see it here.

Keep up the good work.

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3D and 2d spawning don't spawn objects, am I doing something wrong? Fix pls

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Great news, thx for that L'Etranger. (need arty fire quickly ;) )

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I have a few questions about how to use this in multiplayer:

1. Is it possible to give someone more lives? After my friend died three times, he vanished from the unit list in the interface, and I had to teleport the unit that he had been before back to the island each time he died.

2. Do any of the crates include rifles with optics, or optics alone? All of the ones I was able to try had the standard irons.

3. Is it possible for normal players to take control of new units? If I spawn a squad, I can hop into the leader. Can my friends hop into other members somehow, or do they have to arm themselves at crates?

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1. Yes, it is in the params I'm sure

2. Don't know - only tried the basic one atm

3. No. The slots are already for players in a team.

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1. Yes, it is in the params I'm sure

Thanks for your answer. The other two I can work with, but I'm not sure what you mean by this—in the pre-mission game setup, or something accessible through the VTS interface?

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Hey yeah the feeze issue was just a loading thing. Would freeze for anywhere from 20-60 seconds, I was just too impatient. Everytime it happend my task manager said not responding so I assumed it was disconnecting me, obv i was wrong. Thanks for the tool, works great.

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1 - You can change the number of life in parameter

2 - Wait for the vts alpha 2 : I've update the shop to be able to buy all the arma 3 stuff

3 - They can't hop in. But if you they want to be squad leader of AI, just create a group, then use the join buton on the group to make it join your mate team.

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Just a question :

Can we play Game master on red side ? (cause i like Red model ;) )


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Just use the change side button on yourself and find a nice uniform.

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1 - You can change the number of life in parameter

2 - Wait for the vts alpha 2 : I've update the shop to be able to buy all the arma 3 stuff

3 - They can't hop in. But if you they want to be squad leader of AI, just create a group, then use the join buton on the group to make it join your mate team.

Thanks for your answer and your work; this is a very useful tool.

I'm not entirely clear on to change the parameters, though—if you have a little guidance on that, I'd appreciate the help.

Edit: I found it. Thanks again.

Edited by Fishbreath

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Alpha 02 released.

Yeah if somebody is feeling nice to write a manual (there's a lot of stuff that can be do with the VTS), to explain the basic and other thing that can be done.

For example the Shop :

-You can start with the mission parameter "All unlock" which mean all item will be displayed to player and can be buy if they have enough money.


-You can start normally and has the GM, unlock the items per hand so you are sure of the items avaible to your players

-At the end of a mission if they sell salvaged item to the store it unlock them. You can then use the Save/Load function, to retrieve Missions status. And later Strip the missions status to keep only the store unlock if you want to use them in a another sessions.

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Keep working on is mate as it is just great.

As for the manual.....needs just one line. Press T (or use action menu) for Computer. THEN JUST PLAY AROUND!

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this looks like a great tool...but I haven't the slightest clue as to how to get it working...

Can someone provide some guidance? Is the .bat extracting missions that I can load in A3?...I don't see a "Stratis" pbo listed. Am I suppose to run this as a mod? Sooo confused.

Pretty sure I help from step 1...maybe even step -1.

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