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STEAM performance troubles and how mitigate them

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this is what i use
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" -silent -nochatui -nofriendsui -console -no-browser
it allows run STEAMclient w/o new UI/chat/friends/popup/browser bloat
(especially those 200+ popups i can't disable about group/friends invites)

it's very effective for fast testing (as someone who is game industry it's double important)

for advanced gamer it saves some CPU / GPU cycles and some RAM /  VRAM space
even less stressing your SSD 
it avoids the STEAM browser cluttering the disk space with cache growing out of control

when i want buy / discuss something i use reliable web browsers 
and when i want to join the chats/friends i just start it w/o those switches

there are some more compatibility switches like

which may help in more firewall strict networked environment

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It looks like steam got wise to this, because now if you turn all that stuff off and Steam is still online, it will not download workshop mod updates nor will it allow you to download and reuse missions.  Instead, my missions I run have to be downloaded each time I switch between them, and if I want mod updates, I have to even delete stuff like "-browser".

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