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Arma 3 Photography - Pictures only NO comments! And List your Addons Used!

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Undated photographs from during the civil war, likely during the early stages of NATO military aid. Units depicted are already wearing the russian provided digital camo fabric, but general standards of equipment are not as advanced as prior to the 2034 crisis.



NATO Soldiers from an US Armored Unit repairing Equipment on their Tank. After the Economic defeats in Africa, rare Earth supplies for Electronics rose extremely in prices, leading to haphazard large-scale attempts at recycling old electronics materials. Equipment from this period, dating prior to the Jerusalem Accords has been known to suffer from sub-par materials, even affecting critical components at times.


IR-Guards MI-46 early model, photographed during counter insurgency operations on Altis, 2034.


Security Operator of an US-based Private Security Company training in house clearing drills, 2033, probably in the Joint-Administrative-Region greenzone in what used to be Syria. Contrary to the SCO and, today, CSAT aligned countries, the US and her Allies have not relied on the heavy employment of nominally government army trained and administrated, but "Independent Local Fighters"-designated troops. Instead, maintaining itself by feeding off the increasingly paranoid security climate and massive military-industrial-complex of the west, private security companies have taken over many roles previously performed by National Armies under UN mandate.

Noteworthy is the MX (Also designated M-10 on some webpages) Rifle in the hands of the soldier, which was previously thought to be exclusive to US Military users only and not publicly for sale.

(Last pic uses personal reskin, made by me. All others are stock.)

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Wow these virtual reality entities are scary




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