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Task Force Apache

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TS Info:

Here's to us,

Who's like us

Damn few

- Early Scottish Toast

Looking to be in something more than just a ‘clan’? Do you want to be in a structured 'unit' that is the utmost professional? Are you able to be a leader? Do you have the correct skills necessary to succeed? Do you have the pit-bull like aggression to succeed? If so, then continue to read because Task Force Apache is for you.

We are small, nimble units of highly trained warriors, who are experts at missions that traditional military units were never built for. Lightning-quick commando raids. Highly orchestrated assaults. Discreet operations in challenging environments. Extractions, recoveries, and other bold maneuvers that don’t even have names yet.

The Army, Marines, and other large scale units of this community – they’re great at what they do. They are huge and potent and necessary. But they are linear, and we aren’t. We’re designed for speed and creativity. There’s a reason to take the Marines and say, “You start here. Get to there and destroy everything in between.†They get it done. But if you’re saying, “Start here, get to here, kill two guys, capture three, and then come out without anyone knowing you were there†– we’re your unit.

First and foremost, time commitments are a big thing here in Task Force Apache. We pride ourselves on trying to accomplish our goals to the best of our ability while representing our unit as quiet professionals. However, to do this, we need Sailors who can be online, and who can actually do something here. This isn't a clan, this isn't a guild; this is a team and more importantly a brotherhood. Each part, each operation, each training all bring different specializations, challenges, obstacles, and of course, opportunities – challenge yourself.

Realism is also a big factor here in TFA. When you proceed past our BST, you have many leadership spots and positions at your fingertips, however, only the true leaders that show they have the dedication necessary can become one. If you love realism, you'll love what we bring to the table.

Core Values: abide by them, you will learn these in during washout phase. That is our main goal - to follow the correct path. If you follow the guidelines stated to you in our Basic Skills Test (our version of BUD/S), if you show yourself to be a true Operator, you can swing through the ups and downs. The Core Values aren't just a guideline or a suggestion; they are a policy and ideology.

Finally, we are professionals in-game and out of game. Your rank doesn't classify who you are; what you do here classifies who you are. Every man will respect each other accordingly; there is no Mickey-mouse controversy or politics in this unit. If you have an ego or an obsession with power or rank – we’re not the unit you’re looking for. In this unit, ranks are earned, not given – there is no checklist other than our need, our appreciation, your dedication, and your skills.

TFA does have requirements to join; we do not accept just anybody, make sure to read through our requirement on our website in full. We are now in ArmA 3 and will be taking full advantage of that but until then our unit currently has a ArmA experience with various realism units since 2003, we have seen what goes right, and what goes wrong in realism units – we understand the correct ways things should be done.

Take a look at our website. Read through it and make sure you’re on board with the application process and who we are and what we want to do. It will test your determination, ArmA skills, competence and communication. It’s madness with a method, and something you can look back on later in your ArmA career and say to yourself that you accomplished something.

If you’re a unit interested in running joint operations please contact us on our website/teamspeak and more importantly our forums.

If you’re someone interested in flying and operating various aircraft under all conditions, we have very limited air personnel slots – you MUST put in an application as our normal website procedures, but immediately contact us over our Teamspeak.

Realistic. Professional. Unbreakable.

Not many, but much.


TS Info:


D. “Boomer†Marston, Officer in Command

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Update: we are now open for A3 recruiting. Please check us out, stop by and introduce yourself.

(Thanks W0lle!)

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Going to provide an update here. It's been a long time since I did one here.

Task Force Apache is currently in their holiday stand down period until Jan 2nd. When we're officially back in action, we are looking to hold a few of our testing/recruiting phases to bring people into the team. For those who are interested in joining please visit our website listed in the first post, read thoroughly and submit an application.

Secondly, for those looking to run missions with us cooperatively, please let us know on our forums or stop by our TS - we're active daily on both. Furthermore, TFA wrapped up its first ArmA 3 operation in mid October. This was a success and a building block/stepping stone to bigger operations on Altis. Meanwhile, we have been actively (damn near weekly, and now biweekly) assisting our brothers-in-arms at the 7 Canadian Mechanized Brigade (7cmbg.enjin.com).

...which leads me into my third update. TFA and 7CMBG formed the JSAF (Joint Security Assistance Force) back in late 2012. This 'alliance' has seen unit membership come and gone but we've always maintained a active presence helping out, training, and playing with one another. Recently, JSAF set some basic unit joining requirements into place and welcome any other fellow units who meet the minimal standards to let us know of their interested in joining JSAF. The joining requirements are:

  • Must be a realism Unit
  • Must have a similar name structure (First Initial. Last Name | eg. J. Doe)
  • Must be active for six or more months.
  • Units are to be voted in by JSAF Command
  • Must fill a needed/desired role within JSAF.

Again, if you're interested in becoming a team member and joining TFA please visit our website and catch us on TS. If you're interested in learning more about JSAF contact me via PM here or on the TFApache.net forums, or on Teamspeak.


Also as a general call out to anyone interested... if you are interested in spearheading a SWCC program or joining/leading our aviation side, please PM me.

In minor news...

Our gear mod pack has been released publically this morning. We hope you all enjoy it and come check us out.


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Unit update JAN-14:

To all those who are taking the time to read this – thank you. Task Force Apache is on the verge of beginning our first training cycle of 2014 – but this past month has seen massive growth in the unit. From an original six member unit, we’ve expanded to a 13 member unit. Seven more people have successfully passed and completed our Basic Skills Testing – they have entered the brotherhood. We still have two going through the pipeline, but regardless we have had a 117% growth over the last month alone! Congrats to those who passed – it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t fun but you persevered and progressed through all evolutions. Just remember, the hard work is still coming. The last month and two Classes saw quite a few individuals also drop out on request. This means our program works. Task Force Apache now maintains a 50% combined, individual, washout/drop on request rate. Only half of who start our program finishes successfully.

Now on to further updates – mid January we began a multinational, Joint Security Assistance Force (JSAF) deployment with the 7CMBG (7CMBG.enjin.com) to Takistan under the name of Operation Venom. So far we’ve performed two successful missions in the past two weeks in providing advanced reconnaissance and a successful HVT mission that cut off funding for the regional OPFOR milita. The Queen of Spades was eliminated and only the King and Ace of Spades remain. This progressive, storyline and updating is in heavy support of the 7CMBG regional mission there – and wouldn’t be possible with our great friends to in the great white North.

Lastly, Task Force Apache is still looking for more members. If you’re interested you’re more than welcome to swing by our Teamspeak and check out our website or forums.

Our final Class for quite a few months will be beginning on Sunday, January 26 and wrapping up on Sunday, February 2.

We’re looking for people who are interested in filling the following roles (we have only 5 slots remaining):

  • Corpsman
  • Operator (Communications)
  • Operator (Pointman)
  • Operator (Demolitions)
  • Operator

Meanwhile, we’re also looking for dedicated individual who wish to also fly. We had one individual join up for just that reason and we’re looking for more. If you’re interested in flying contact us!

As a disclaimer – going through our Basic Skills Testing (BST) does NOT mean you are in our unit. You’re a member of the public when you go through BST. Meaning, if you’re looking to possibly join us and aren’t sure if you want to, you can sign up for BST (if your current unit/clan doesn’t have a regulation against this).

Again if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know via our Teamspeak or our Forums.

Visit our website for more information: TFApache.com

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To all interested parties,

I’m writing on behalf of my peers at Task Force Apache (http://www.TFApache.com ) and direct this message toward anyone who plays ArmA 3 and implore you all to read further. We, the entire ArmA community, consist of both gamers and professionals daily to play a game that we enjoy. We portray elements and operations of real world military communities in the past, present and near future and it’s our belief that it’s time to give back to those who give so much.

We want this to be special for us and the ArmA community. Simply put, our plan is to host a continuous 24 hour in-game operation in ArmA 3, all to be live streamed – and for those units and individuals interested for your in-game participation. During this event we will ask for charity donations that will go to the Navy SEAL Foundation ( http://www.navysealfoundation.org/ ), a federally recognized 501©3 nonprofit organization that raises awareness and funds for members of the Navy Special Warfare personnel and their families. Our plan is to reach out to our real world friends, families and the online community for donations during our live stream and hopefully spur on enough interest that this becomes an annual event in the future, but more importantly help those who many of whom take for granted.

This is where I know you and your units can help. Not only would we love to have units accompany us during the 24 hours of the live stream, but we truly want to help financially and any sort of financial backing from any willing person who wishes to give to an amazing cause should do so. If you and your unit are interested in joining us in-game please stop by our Teamspeak and let any one of our members know. We’ll need basic contact information, as well as a timeslot (or multiple) that you and your group will be able to attend during – remember, this is 24 hours, and you can sign up for any 2 hour block and if wanted, multiple times.

Our server is an eight core, eight gigabyte RAM and we’ll be running ALIVE and easily available mods (we’ll consider reasonable mod requests from units). But with this, we’re limited to the in-game performance of our server and mission, thus we ask that each unit or group signing up have a minimum of FIVE people and a maximum of 20 during that timeslot. We want everyone to have a good time and the performance of the machine must be taken into account. And any air or vehicle assets will have to be attended too by the unit being represented – if you need air support, make sure you actually have your pilots online and in the server. During this time we may be having individuals play HVT like characters throughout the map that will lead to smaller type objectives during the event that you’ll have to track down. And hopefully, a functioning Zeus for those HVT’s to handle. There’s going to be more information for all who’s attending as we get closer to the event. We need sign ups right now though.

We absolutely cannot do this without the support of the community here. And I sincerely hope that even with its limited nature we can actually help at the very least one person or family member in need through our efforts.

If you’re interested or just have general commentary and questions, please let us know – any aide financially or logistically is desired and needed. Our website and forums are located at www.TFApache.com and our Teamspeak is at with no password or port needed to connect.

Very Sincerely,

SpectreRSG (D. Marston)

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To the ArmA3 Community,

We at Task Force Apache just wrapped up our first 24-hour Livestreamed Event. It has been an emphatic success and will occur as an annual event for the foreseeable future. Many hours were dedicated to the event itself, but many more hours were dedicated by the members of Task Force Apache and accompanying units to logistically pull this off via signups, Q/A sessions, documentation planning, mod streamlining, creativity and communication outreach. It’d never have been made possible if it weren’t for the effort of all involved and of whom participated. For the corresponding members of the following units, thank you:

During these 24 hours, teams from these units performed a myriad of tasks and accomplished each and every one of them expertly, professionally and efficiently. Just some of the events included: factory raids, evacuations of civilians, port assaults, hostage rescues, airfield raids, HVT detainment, IED sweeps, enemy convoy ambushing, facility resupply, long range reconnaissance patrols, COP/FOB Defenses, CSAR, HVT tracking, and communications array assaults. These are all in addition to units following and executing the mission ordered meta-responsibilities.

When our event was in progress many members of the public and unit members donated to our charity fund. We asked for donations that would be tallied and sent off as a bulk donation to the Navy SEAL Foundation. At the end, we generated USD$852.71 within 24 hours, all of which is now in the hands of the Navy SEAL Foundation. Going into this event we had set the goal of USD$500. This has been firmly overtaken and the sheer amount we raised astonishes me. I’m severely grateful to each individual who donated to the cause, whatever the amount, thank you from the bottom of my heart and each everyone’s heart that participated.

I also want to thank the team at Bohemia Interactive for their tireless effort into making the game the platform it is and will become in the future for large scale, sandbox based warfare. Without the addition of Zeus, this would have NEVER have been possible. Secondly, to the team at ALIVE, I built the mission file and designed it with Zeus in mind, with your very mod being the behind the scenes infrastructure to support all personnel and administrative duties – in addition to providing enemy combatant spawns and patrols. The system works and works extremely well; thank you because this event couldn’t have been possible without it and your many hours of helping me understand and debug elements of the mission file.

Thank you to all served in the event, for all of those who helped logistically, and for those who contributed financially to this cause. We’ll be hosting this again next year and years to come and hopefully include more units and raise more funds.

Below you will find a few snippets from the representing the units and their involvement through the event.

"The Swedish Operational Detachment's mission was to free a CIA-SAD operator, captured by approx 10 FIA. Mission was a full success with 6 minutes from touchdown to pick up, one friendly, walking wounded. SOD loved the way we could be redirected to other missions at any time and the cooperation across units worked pretty well, from team leaders down to soldiers." – S. Vikenslaett, Swedish Operational Detachment

"Joint Task Force Orion took part in the 24 hour charity event headed by Task Force Apache/JSAF. We were a relatively late addition, only signing on three days prior to Saturday, May 31st. From the get-go the TFA guys were very supportive and very receptive on integrating us into their overall mission plan. The TFA guys and 7CMBG guys all went in geared for overt action. JTFO went in geared as Guerrillas. We had a lot of fun working with TFA and having Marston/Zeus mess with us. Unlike the other units we weren’t tied to physical objectives such as towns or buildings, which gave us a tremendously broad operational range. In short, we were hitting targets from Telos to Kavala. Everything from ambushing convoys to fending off battalion sized assaults with mortars and MGs. We even got to play AWT for a bit, which was a lot of fun." - Shaftoe, JTF Orion

â€The event went very well for the 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion, we had a good time completing our original assigned objectives, regrouped with friendly SOF. From there on in we were just Big Time Operating for almost 3 hours. Our guys had an awesome time hanging out, shooting the shit, shooting shit, and operating like there was no tomorrow. We would definitely love to join anymore similar events in the future and operate again.†- Sergeant Kevin Saunders, Second Marine Special Operations Battalion

â€FANTASTIC! A 24 hour event that gave everyone a sense of realtime operations...Can't wait for next year, well done to TFA...But more importantly, we also get immense amount of pride through giving to those who have fought for the freedoms that are too often taken for granted and the families many left behind.†- Major S. Morency, 7CMBG

Here's a video created recapping all of the above. Thanks to 7CMBG's 2Lt Junkie for its production!

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Task Force Apache (TFA) has just concluded Operations in the Altis region in support of Operation Stone Claw. Operation Stone Claw ran the course of two months, this also included our 24-hour charity live stream event.

Throughout this Campaign SEAL Team 9 (ST9) along with Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron - 84 (HSC-84) were able to support the Altis Government to reclaim control of the 16th parallel from Western Altis Militia (WAM) control, TFA used various tactics during this period such as, and not limited to; air assault, seaborne assault, HALO/HAHO insertions, direct action operations, asset recovery, rotary wing and fixed wing close air support.


TFA also had four individuals earn the right to join the ranks of ST9, congratulations to the following individuals:

SO3 C. Greene (Communications)

SO3 G. Carroll (Corpsman)

SO3 J. Foster (Pointman)

SO3 J. Rev (Pointman)


As ST9 and HSC-84 draw down from Operations in Altis we transition into a training work up for the month of September in preparation of Joint Operations with Joint Security Assistance Force (JSAF). During this time we will also be conducting a Basic Skills Testing for potential parties interested in becoming a member of ST9 or HSC-84. We encourage anyone interested to apply, we still have openings in the current positions:




Heavy Weaponry


As a disclaimer – going through our Basic Skills Testing (BST) does NOT mean you are in our unit. You’re a member of the public when you go through BST. Meaning, if you’re looking to possibly join us and aren’t sure if you want to, you can sign up for BST (if your current unit/clan doesn’t have a regulation against this).

Again if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know via our Teamspeak or our Forums.

Visit our website for more information: TFApache.com

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