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Reserved Slot in my misson

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I am looking for a script that I can reserve some slots.

As in dominination, already tried using the domination i could not.

I need:

when the player access the slot once the mission gets the message 5 seconds to change, otherwise he is kicked to lobby

Edit script not know if anyone has or knows how to do and could help me I am grateful.

thank you

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make an array of the slots to be reserved such as

waitUntil {!isNull player};
waitUntil {(vehicle player) == player};
waitUntil {(getPlayerUID player) != ""};

reserved_units = [blu46, blu47, blu48, blu49, blu50];
reserved_uids = ["12345676", "12355123", "12313456"];

_uid = getPlayerUId player;

if ((player in reserved_units)&& !(_uid in reserved_uids)) then {
  player groupChat "You are in a reserved slot, kicking to lobby in 5 seconds";
  sleep 5;
  failMission "end1";

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