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[CO-30] Evolution FFA: RED 1.074 hard Takistan

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Evolution FFA: RED 1.074 hard Takistan

by (WINSE, rul9, mod VD + Urus-Shaitan) edited by Dimon UA


This is a remake from the original Evolution FFA: RED 1.05g hard from Wins. This mission is for real teamplayers because it plays on a high level of difficult. You have to fight a lot of enemy troops with low-tech weapons.


The objectives of the mission: Liberate the city and surrounding area with Takistany army, eliminate all NATO contingent. Free this country and its enslaved people from capitalist aggressors!

Players task is to capture and hold the objective .

1.First goal is to find and destroy antenna with which the enemy can call command center and request reinforcements.

You can destroy it only with explosives.

2.If you managed to destroy it - enemy won't be able to call for reinforcements.

Now you have a chance to capture objective, but first get rid off all hostile forces inside objectives area.

3.After elimination of last enemy unit inside objective area you will receive the message - that enemy forces are preparing counterattack, you have about 5 minutes to prepare.

It is important that friendly units stay inside the objectives area or you will loose it and all your sacrifices will be in vain.

Enemy is cruel and ruthless and will not surrender or show any mercy to you, so fight till the last drop of your blood and know that we fight for the right course and God is on our side! We have no where to retreat, we will win or we will die fighting!


ArmA 2: Combined Operations

Credits & Thanks:

WINSE, rul9 - Evo FFA RED 1.05g Chernarus

VD, Urus-Shaitan - mod Evo FFA RED 1.074 Chernarus

Arma2 LV - Andrey, Volk

KPbIM ArmA2.Crimea.UA server - testing

KPbIM players - thanks for the ideas and the testing

Current Versions:

Download from ArmaHolic

Download from ArmA2.Crimea.UA

Issues? Feedback? Contact me!

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Great mission all seems to run smooth, very hard just the way we like it! dough after clearing the first town after a heavy battle without any notice the enemy got a great number of reinforcements and we could start over. Either we missed the 'that enemy forces are preparing counterattack' message or it failed to show. And after about 5 hours of nonstop battle this was a terrible setback. Also buying an airplane so close to the enemy front resulted in a big fireball on the runway maybe it would be nice to move the spawned plane and pilot to the south airfield for a more stressful takeoff? All in all great mission and thanks for the release!

btw: what does FFA stand for?

Edited by larsiano

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FFA - Free For All, that means you dont need to be pilot to fly a plane or to be crew member to drive a tank -if you have money do what you want to do :)

Mission have been tested for about six month on our server, and everything works as it should be ,so you just didnt notice the message "prepare for the enemy contraatack" .

All idea about our aircraft is that when objectiv is close its stupid to fly becouse theres more chance that you be burned by enemy antiair defence, when objecktiv is far away its safe to use planes and helicopters, but if you have balls and money you can take a risk, worst thing that can happen - youll die like a hero.

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