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[Tool] SQUAD CONTROL - Manage multiple squads at once

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The goal of this tool is to provide mission makers an easy to use, easy to implement, way to control more than one squad or group at once.

While this tool allows you to control an unlimited amount of squads (up to the hardcoded max of 63 groups per side) it’s mainly focused on scales from fireteam to platoon size. Anything beyond that can easily become a management nightmare, even with all the tools provided. I wouldn’t suggest going beyond company level, but it’s obviously up to you.


  • Manage several groups at once, from fireteam level to company and above
  • Keep track of the health status, current orders and position of all the squads under your control
  • Issue orders to individual squads or to the groups they belong to
  • Transfer units between any of the squads under your control
  • Create new groups and assign squads to existing ones
  • Rename your groups or squads to be easily identifiable
  • The location of enemy squads will be broadcasted among each side
  • Squads will move and follow the player in formation

DOWNLOAD v1.0: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?lu7473dgt6ddc97
Includes the template, a demo mission where you control a platoon and another one where you control several fireteams in a USMC squad (this one requires WW4).

USMC Symbols v1.2:
- ftp://ftp.ofpr.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/USMCsymbols12.zip
- http://www.ofpec.com/addons_depot/index.php?action=details&id=69


  • Merge the template mission into yours
  • Copy all the files and folders in the template mission (except mission.sqm) to your mission’s directory
  • Edit the SQCTL_settings.sqf file you copied, if appropriate.


If you have a stringtable.csv or description.ext file already in your mission you’ll have to copy and paste the contents of the files from the template to those of yours.

If you use a mod that changes the default weapons SQCTL won’t be able to recognize specific soldier classes when displaying the roster, and will show all of them as “Riflemanâ€. The display of the soldier’s class is purely provided for clarity when transferring units, and it doesn’t affect any functionality.

If you still want to make proper use of this feature you’ll have to edit the roles.sqf file yourself, found in SQCTL\fu. There you’ll have to edit the multi-dimensional array to suit your needs. It has the format [[<nameOfClass>,[<weaponsThisClassCarries],...]. If you use WW4 you just need to overwrite the content of roles.sqf with the provided roles_WW4.sqf.

To put a squad under the player's control you'll have to add it first, using something like this:
[<this group>,<nameOfTheSquad>,[<groupItBelongsTo>,<nameOfTheGroup>]] exec "SQCTL\addSq.sqs"
So, if you want to add a squad to group number one you'd do something like this:

[group this,"",[1]] exec "SQCTL\addSq.sqs"

To add a squad to group number two you'd write:

[group this,"",[2]] exec "SQCTL\addSq.sqs"


If you'd like to name the squad you'd do something like this:

[group this,"1st SQUAD",[1]] exec "SQCTL\addSq.sqs"

And if you'd like to also name the first group you'd do:

[group this,"1st SQUAD",[1,"1st PLATOON"]] exec "SQCTL\addSq.sqs"

If you don't provide a name the squads and groups will be named automatically ("SQUAD <x>" and "GROUP<x>" respectively).
To name groups you only have to provide the name in one of the squads. It doesn't matter if it's the first or the last.

To issue an order to a squad or group:


  • Click on the “ORDER†button to issue orders to the selected squad or group
  • Select the order you want to issue from the combo box.
  • Using the arrow buttons move the map where you want the squad or group to execute the order
  • Click the “ISSUE†button

Expanded instructions:


  • Click there to manage your own squad
  • Squads or groups under your control
  • Menu navigation buttons. Only active if you have more than 7 squads or groups
  • Name of the squad or group
  • Status of the squad, or squads belonging to that group
  • Click there to issue an order to the selected squad or group
  • Click to alternate between SQUADS and GROUPS view
  • Filter. Allows you to display only the squads belonging to a given group. Only active in SQUADS mode
  • Click there to show or hide the map.
  • Use those arrows to navigate the map. Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out
  • That black dot indicates where the map is currently centered on
  • Each of the squads under your control will be displayed as icons on the map. You always are the CMD icon.

When issuing an order you can open the Advanced Orders menu by clicking the “Advanced†button. This will allow you to specify the behaviour, combat mode, speed and formation of the squads when issuing the order. Otherwise it’ll use the default settings associated to that order.


You can manage a squad or group by clicking on its name on the cards at the top. This will allow you to rename it, empty it (if it’s a group), transfer it to another group (if it’s a squad) and show the roster of units belonging to it (again, if a squad), where you can transfer any of them to any other squad.

Zooming out (by clicking the - button) will allow you to navigate the map quicker.

The size of the icons of each squad represents their health. The smaller an icon is the more KIA units the squad has suffered.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes an error will occur when issuing a follow or any order that requires a formation if the squads or group is already in one. This might occasionally stop the new formation script, forcing the player to repeat the order. This will be fixed in a future version.


  • This version isn’t MP compatible. This feature will be included in a future release.
  • I’ve considered allowing the queue of several orders per group, but I finally discarded it. The goal of this tool is to provide a simple way to manage several squads at once, through simple orders. For other uses you should probably use something more feature-packed, such as the Command Engine or Drongo’s Toolkit.
  • This tool makes extensive use of the forceMap and mapAnim commands. I always wanted to figure out their potential and decided this was a good project to try them out. While it has the big disadvantage of having to navigate by clicking buttons and not dragging with the mouse it allows me to forget about the headache inducing and easy to break onmapsingleclick. So far I like this, but if you think it's a nuance feel free to say so.


  • vektorboson (OFP script lib)
  • Toadlife (formation_extended.sqs)
  • Snypir (distancepos.sqf)
  • bn880 (sortbubble.sqf)
  • Drongo’s Toolkit and Command Engine for inspiration


Below it's the OFP Dialog Maker file I used to create this. Take it if you want to edit the appearance of this tool or add or remove features for your own use. Or whatever.

DOWNLOAD OFP Dialog Maker save file : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dpxlp08347p9b2t

Edited by kenoxite
Updated instructions and added required addon info

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I cant see much from your pic and I currently have OFP uninstalled. Is there anyway to transport infantry via vehicles?

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If there's a vehicle with cargo area in a squad, you can order them to mount or dismount by using the orders menu. When ordering to dismount, only the cargo will get out. You can't order them to mount a vehicle that isn't in their own group, though.

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