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dragon zen

Need help with JIP: New joiner just get in another group and make old group "any"????

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Hi friends:

I got a problem with JIP, hope who can give me some help.

First, In my mission.sqm, I have 3 soldiers named W1, W2, W3 in 3 independent groups.

And in a script I write


GPW1=createGroup west;if(!(isNil "W1"))then{[W1] join GPW1;};

GPW2=createGroup west;if(!(isNil "W2"))then{[W2] join GPW2;};

GPW3=createGroup west;if(!(isNil "W3"))then{[W3] join GPW3;};

GrpArray=[GPW1,GPW2,GPW3];publicVariable "GrpArray";


and in script after Init.sqf of player, I also write something such as if(!(isNil "W3"))then{[W3] join GPW3;};

Then I use GrpArray as index to locate groups. This script run OK in host and player who is not JIP. However, when the player quit and rejoin (for example, W3), problems come:

1. First phenomona, the new player is still W3 if he hint player, however, the (group W3) changed from 1-1-B to 1-2-F, AND if I hint "GPW3", it present that GPW3 is any! It seems that 1-1-B lost, though I don't know how to check 1-1-B.

2, Another issue I found is that, if W3 recruit a soldier before disconnect, after he come back, that soldier disappeared. That is to say, W3 now is a new group, he may even BECOME A NEW ONE, rather than take W3 back from AI, I guess.

In all, I want to those who JIP can simple take the AI, and keep staying in GPW1, GPW2, GPW3. All my subsequent scripts based on the GrpArray, this is big problem!!!:mad:

Thus, who can tell me what happenned here? Why JIP make GPW3 any?? so that I even can't make new W3 join GPW3... Any suggestion is appreciated.


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In addition:

I think whether I should define GPW1=group W1, but I don't think this work, because JIP just erase that group out...

Well... Is that a way to define W3's group name as GPW3, in mission.sqm?? for example through Init script of W3???

Really maddening...

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Alright, this problem has been solved

I should use GPW1=group W1, rather than create a new group. Now it's OK, :D

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