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CWA Anime Campaign 3148 14 Missions Released

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3148-2-1_zpsfdbca069.jpg3148: The Apocalypse CWA Anime/Sci-Fi Mod Download

Welcome to the 3148: The Apocalypse Mod


Character based, Story driven, Epic 15 Mission Saga

Addon links in readme

and posted

Final Edit - Fully Complete

Fully detailed encyclopedia of people and places in chapter one campaign.

Addon packs!

This is the 3148 Mod barebones. All the things to add to it can be found online at the 3148 official release forum at forums.bistudio.com under CWA completed projects or the links can be found below. To create this as a mod in your cwa folder, change your cwa shortcut's ending to something similar to:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\Arma Cold War Assault\ColdWarAssault.exe" -nomap -nosplash -mod=@3148

...depending on its location, the end part should be the same for the mod to work, then place all the according mod files where they should be.


Character based, Story driven, Epic 15 Mission Saga:

download: http://depositfiles.com/files/247nocw7a

******Required Addons Pack 1 and 2 and installation:

The addons are not present in this mod, the addon folder is for you to

put them in there...

To get the addons for the mod download the two packs from the

following links and extract them into the AddOns folder of the mod:

addon pack 1:


addon pack 2:


*******Further Information:

The Encyclopedia of characters for 3148 Chapter 1 can be found online to download at:

3148 Chapter 1 Encyclopedia:



THANK YOU for playing - Bronze Eagle and the 3148 Mod Team and associates.

Edited by BronzeEagle

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Dr. Aki Ross is a scientist paid to do research for the Corporate Alliance. While doing research work she ran across corporate plans to acquire a special weapon. Earlier around 2019, about three years after WW3 in Neo Tokyo, scientists had their hands on a lazer beam rifle known as the AMPR, or Anti Mech Pulse Rifle capable of emitting a lazer beam so powerful it could go through even the toughest mechanized armor, but in the size of a handheld rifle. There was only one prototype. That weapon was stolen by a young man named Shotaro Kaneda who was attempting to help bring down his friend who had gone mad from the Pill Corporations meds. Not many know for sure what happened, but there was an explosion that leveled the city afterwards and there were only three survivors; Kaneda, Kei, and Kai. They had gone into hiding but rumor spread that the explosion gave them a supernatural life span and though they could be killed they could go on living for a long time. During the Economic Wars, all of the major corporations were swallowed up by a newly formed independent Corporate Alliance operating alongside an independent Terran Government, each separate ownership united against heavy handedness in affairs, the only truth they knew would keep them in peace. The information about the AMPR was discovered by Aki Ross during her inside research work. She later contacted a blacklisted investigative journalist and formed a secret operation known as "Wandering Swordsman" to form a Survival Aid Unit responsible for gathering survival information to spread in preparation for the new war about to come. Those who accepted her knowledge rewarded her with respect, great loyalty, and appreciated her, and became her greatest allies, assisting her in further survival intelligence gathering, and sharing operations. Her work was done at a solar facility built for her to live and work at named, "The Prometheus Building", inside the Corporate Colony on Mars, known as Area 61, where she lives amongst the city life of the Corporate Alliance, and their secret "Republican Infantry". The Outlanders are known as "Scavengers", random roving bands of scrap metal scavengers, armed with rifles, combing the desert to earn a living. Their desperation makes them easy to pay off and oftentimes provides a risk to her team.

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Eric isn't afraid to research anything, thats what brought him into the

field of investigative journalism. In Area 61 Mars Colony, his courage

brought him to the point where he infiltrated "The Republican Infantry",

a commando unit working under the command of the Corporate

Alliance, and eventually met Aki Ross, a researcher for the Corporate

Alliance. She was well read herself and shared an affinity for one of his

columns, which he revealed to be himself. When the republicans

caught onto the relationship he was blacklisted in Area 61 and

kicked out of the Republicans, where he was saved by his longtime

trusted friend, Dr. Aki Ross who had helped him preserve his findings.

She gave him shelter in the Prometheus Building and has used him on

a number of survival sponsor and survival information acquiring

operations. Using his military training, Dr. Aki Ross sends him through

the Terran Marine program, where he is able to contact General

Thomas of Area 61 base, and they both arrange to have him work there.

Missions beyond the jurisdiction of the Terran Marines can be placed

on him and traced back to the Republicans, which after his experience

really wouldn't bother him that much. He's a master at infiltration,

desperate but cunning. His name is Eric, and he is believed to be asian

like Kaneda, but his full name is never revealed. His password is, "no,

you can do better than that", and the response is, "no, you didn't see it."

Callsign: SnakeEyes

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Kaneda is one of the last survivors of the Akira Incident of 2019 in Neo Tokyo. The exact specifics remain unclear to the general public, but he along with two other survivors are rumored to have a supernatural lifespan, while being able to be killed still, and one of the three has a weapon, that the Scavengers on Area 61 colony have been rumored to be looking for, so perhaps he's still alive. Whoever has put such a hefty price on the weapon must be very powerful....

To Be Continued......

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Using this Pbo Tool you can extract the campaign and see the overviews artwork and play the missions separately in your missions folder.





Artwork by Ukitakumuki of DeviantArt.com

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