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Quick RVMAT question

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Ok so i'm getting back into firing back up V3 and buldozer I open up my project and I get and error

cannot load material

"ede\wardak_region\data\layers\p_016-000_l00_l01_n_l03.rvmat" along those lines.

I deleted my layers folder and tried to re-import the satellite and mask then run buldozer the command then finishes and brings that error up.

I cant find p_016-000_l00_l01_n_l03.rvmat anywhere in the folder or why it would even call for it?

I've seem to double check everything but can't figure it out. check the project textures paths and every path possible.

any suggestions or similar fixes?!



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looks like a mismatching path in one of the config files.

- Check and double check the RVMAT path in your data folder.

- Also check the V3 Project Preferences whether the correct path is given there.

- The layers.cfg in your Source folder also contains important path to the respective rvmat files...check it.

If you are not already doing so, I highly recommend the Notepad ++, instead of the regular Editor.

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