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***Zargabad Life : ArmA II : Server Details***

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****Zargabad Life : ArmA II : Operation Arrowhead****

Zargabad Life Server Details


Zargabad Life Classic Roleplay

Teamspeak Server


Zargabad Life Description

Zargabad Life is a role-playing game based in the desert. There are 30 Civilian slots & 15 Cop slots, It is based around Real-Life situations, for example, Police Raids, Terrorism, Legal/illegal money making.

- Heaps of fun if you know how to play life servers.

- Seriously thrilling heart pumping moments when you are smuggling half a million worth of drugs, robbing a bank or in a high speed car chase.

- A HUGE amount of variety, whats your mood? Gunslinger, Drug Runner, Miner, Car/Truck Racer, Civilian Undercover Informant, Gang leader? You choose!

Zargabad Life Server Rules

Server Rules

Rule #1) Use common sense when playing.

Rule #2) Hacking and Exploiting.

Rule #3) Team stunning.

Rule #4) Death matching.

Rule #5) Not Role playing.

Rule #6) Randomly Stunning/Arresting/Searching Civilians/Vehicles.

Rule #7) Police abusing power.

Rule #8) Spamming Chat.

Rule #9) Civilians using stun ammunition.

Rule #10) Civilian Spawn Killing.

Rule #11) Reconnect/Suicide to avoid arrest.

Rule #12) Declaring Terrorism or Declaring a area your own.

Rule #13) Misinforming players about rules (Do not mistake for role play Misinforming).

Rule #1 Explained) Common sense must be used at all times when playing on the server. Example:- You must read the server rules by your own accord, no one will prompt you to do so.

Rule #2 Explained) Hacking and Exploiting in the map will result in a permanent ban.

Rule #3 Explained) Police Officers deliberately stunning, running over or shooting each other is not allowed and result in a ban.

Rule #4 Explained) Death matching; killing players on the server for no reason is not allowed and result in a ban (Being wanted does not give you the right to kill any cop you see).

Rule #5 Explained) This is a role play server, so you MUST ""Role play"" situations, people who disregard this will receive a ban (One example may be going cop, getting a gun and storing it for when you go civilian).

Rule #6 Explained) Police Officers that randomly arrest, search or stop civilians for no reason will receive a ban.

Rule #7 Explained) Police Officers are expected to follow civilian laws when not in pursuit, if they do not they will receive a kick/ban.

Rule #8 Explained) Players spamming voice and/or text chat will be kicked from the game, if they return and continue, they will receive a kick/ban.

Rule #9 Explained) Civilians must not use stun ammunition. If caught using stun ammunition they will receive a ban.

Rule #10 Explained) Gang members that are at war must not spawn kill enemy gang members. If caught doing so they will receive a ban.

Rule #11 Explained) Civilians that reconnect or suicide whilst stunned or restrained, will receive a ban for avoiding arrest.

Rule #12 Explained) Declaring Terrorism is not allowed, and it _DOES NOT_ exist on this server. Declaring a area you own is also not allowed. If caught breaking rule #12 you will be kicked/banned.

Rule #13 Explained) Players that misinform others about rules will receive a kick, If you don't understand the rules yourself, don't answer any questions someone has about them. Direct them to an admin! (Please do not mistake this rule for role play lying/misinforming, this is allowed).

Jail Times & Ticket Amounts

Jail Times

- Refusing to Pay a Ticket - 1 Minute(s)

- Slaving - 1 Minute(s) per slave

- Obstruction- 1 Minute(s)

- Deliberate Jaywalking - 1 Minute(s)

- Syphoning Fuel - 1 Minute(s)

- Caught inside Terrorist Hideout - 1 Minute(s)

- Terrorist Threats - 2 Minute(s)

- Murder Threats/Verbal Assault - 2 Minute(s)

- Evading Police - 2 Minute(s)

- Kidnapping - 2 Minute(s)

- Second Ticket for the same offence within a short period - 2 Minute(s)

- Jailbreak - Previous Jail Sentence plus 2 Minute(s)

- Aiding in Jail Break - 2 Minute(s)

- Attempted Murder - 2 Minute(s)

- Attempted Robbery/Theft - 2 Minute(s)

- Assassin - 2 Minute(s)

- Harboring a criminal- 3 Minute(s)

- Hoax Calling - 3 Minute(s)

- Robbery/Theft - 3 Minute(s)

- Smuggling & Selling of Unprocessed Illegal Substance - 3 Minute(s)

- Smuggling & Selling of Processed Illegal Substance - 4 Minute(s)

- Assassinating the VIP - 4 Minute(s)

- Taking a Hostage - 5 Minute(s)

- Murder/Manslaughter - 5 Minute(s)

- Murder/Manslaughter of a Cop - 7 Minute(s)

- Terrorism - 20 Minute(s)

*Jail Times Multiply*

Ticket Amounts

- Driving without the appropriate licence - $10,000

- Driving without headlights on - $1000

- Driving Over the speed limit - $2000

- Driving Recklessly (Off roading inside city limits is reckless driving!) - $2,500

- Illegal Parking inside town (Parking other then inside a car park) - $1000

- Carrying Legal Handgun's unholstered *inside city limits* - $1000

- Carrying Legal Rifle's (Lowered or Outside of trunk) *inside city limits* - $5000

- Possession of illegal sidearm - $10,000

- Possession of illegal semi-automatic firearm - $15,000

- Possession of illegal fully automatic firearm - $25,000

Zargabad Law & Guide

Zargabad Law & Guide (Police)

Traffic Stops/

A Police Officer may initiate a traffic stop if:/

-A civilian is seen violating traffic laws, if they have committed a crime, or within Work Places 1,2 or 3.

-A civilian is either driving a vehicle that fits the description (vehicle type, condition, and location) of one seen in a crime, or a civilian inside the vehicle fits the description of a suspect in a crime

-If a civilian does not stop for police and pose a threat to public, they may take the vehicle out. (This may or may not kill occupants inside the car, Pull over if you do not wish to be killed when evading.)

-A police officer may demand a civilian to put their hands up for their own safety on a traffic stop, but must NOT search them!

Cops may search a civilian and or there vehicle if:/

-The civilian is wanted for any reason other than a minor traffic violation.

-The civilian has been seen committing a crime.

-The civilian is seen with a weapon.

-The civilian is at an active check point, there person and vehicle may be searched.

-The civilian is near a crime scene, such as a bank robbery, and the police are unsure of who committed the crime.

-The civilian is outside of their vehicle in a drug field or at a drug seller

-The civilian is at a gang area or weapon factory during a police raid, or was seen leaving by another officer either through sat-cam or physically.

-The civilian is following an officer, either in a vehicle or on foot.

Arresting Procedure/

1. Restrain subject.

2. Disarm & Drug Search Subject and Vehicle (If present).

3. Heal Subject if wounded.

4. Check all outstanding warrants to calculate a accurate jail time.

5. Explain to them the reason for being arrested.

6. Arrest subject for the appropriate time according to the Jail Times List (Police discretion may be used on complying civilians, The Jail Times List is the *maximum* sentence guideline).

7. Impound civilian's vehicle.

Raiding Procedure/

-All Raids are to be conducted with 3+ cops (If only two Cops are connected to the server, the raid may go ahead!).

-Once a raid has commenced with the appropriate number of cops, the rule no longer applies due to possible casualties.

-When raiding, police must first announce there actions before entering the area by using global.

-Once appropriate time has been given for all to evacuate, police may enter the area.

-All Unarmed Civilians are to be healed and un-restrained after the raid is finished on Firearms Factory or a Gang Area (Civilians inside Terrorist Hideout may be arrested).

-All Armed civilians may be handled with lethal force.

-Raids may last up to 10 minutes, once that 10 minutes is over all cops must leave the area immediately.

-Terrorist Hideout, Gang Areas and Firearms factory can NOT be entered without following the Raiding procedure!

-If Civilians shoot out of Terrorist Hideout, Firearms Factory or any Gang Areas, Cops may return fire to defend themselves, but must not enter the area.

-If a officer is in pursuit of a criminal prior to them entering Terrorist Hideout, Firearms Factory or a Gang Area, The officer may enter but only Arrest/Search/Detain the civilians they where in pursuit of or other civilians firing upon them.

Zargabad Main Bank/

-Any Civilian found on the 2nd/3rd floor, or roof of the Zargabad Main Bank may be arrested for attempted robbery.

-After a bank robbery the bank is automatically a crime scene and civilians must comply to a search if in the immediate area to the bank.

-Police Officers may not setup check points within 2 blocks of bank or in front of bank.

Crime Scenes/

-Cops may declare any place under attack or being robbed a crime scene.

-Cops may restrain and search all civilians and vehicles within the general vicinity.

-Crime scenes may only last 5 minutes maximum, And all innocent civilians must be set free and healed if injured.

Check Points/

-Check Points must be manned or removed.

-Check Points are NOT allowed in front of the bank.

-Check Points must be announced on global that they are active and marked appropriately on the map.

-Cops may search all civilians and vehicles that request to pass the check point.

-Civilians that turn around after noticing a checkpoint (50m radius), may be wanted for evasion.

-Cops may warrant the arrest for all civilians who attempt to bypass the check point.

Zargabad Law & Guide (Civilian)

Traffic Laws

-The speed limit is 50 inside city limits. Outside city limits, there is no speed limit.

-Civilian should drive on the right side of the road.

-At night, Civilian should have their headlights on.

-If a Civilian is evading a Cop, the Cop may shoot out the tyres of the fleeing victim.


-A terrorist attack is considered a direct attack against a specific target.

Terrorist's can only use the following items to commit the attack:


-Hand Grenade

-Suicide Bomb


-Use of a Terrorist Vehicle/Aircraft (Driver/Pilot or Gunner)

-Kamakazi (With Heli or plane)

-Using a firearm bought from the terrorist hideout does not grant you the permission to kill any cop you see.

-Terrorist do not get a new life. Cops may arrest them at the mosque once an attack has been done.

-Declaring Terrorism is not allowed (Rule #12), This does not exist on this server.

New Life Rule/


-The new life rule is valid (All warrants cleared and previous actions) when:

-Killed by a police officer or police officers cause (Shot gas tank).

-Killed by a enemy gang member.


-Using a Terrorist Weapon listed below:

-RPG, Hand Grenade, Suicide Bomb, Lighter & Kamakazi.

-Killed by unknown cause or bug.

-Being killed by a civilian that is not in a enemy gang.


-You Must state verbally or via chat you intentions of robbing.(This applies to Civ on Civ robbery, nothing else.)

-If a robbery victim doesn't comply you MAY kill them

-If a player reports a crime you've committed you MAY kill them (Snitches get Stitches).


-Civilians may kill police officers at a checkpoint if they wish to get past it.

-Civilians may not camp a checkpoint and randomly shoot police that come back to man it (Not Role play).

-Civilians that turn around after noticing a checkpoint (50m radius), may be wanted for evasion.


- Civilians must stay above 200 altitude inside the city limits, if you fly under this altitude police officers may shoot you down.

- Civilians landing points inside the city limits are General Factory Helipad or Airfield.

- Civilians landing at non-landing points within city limits will be arrested.

- Civilians must have a Air Vehicle Licence when flying.

- If you fly/hover over the jail, you may be shot down without warning.


- Capturing enemy gang areas is a automatic declaration of war.

- Gang members from the same gang may protect each other from Police, If a Civilian is not in a gang they cannot protect anyone from Police/Being Arrested.

- When in a gang war, you can be killed at any time by another gang. (Do not spawn kill).


-When buying slaves, they must all be transported by vehicle to their destination.

-Slave owners must be in the vehicle whilst slaves are being transported.

-Slave owners must stay within the workplace markers when slaving.

-Slaves must be within the workplace markers of any of the work zones that the slave owner is at.

-Running slaves on foot from Terror Camp to there destinations is not allowed.

Gun Law/

-Civilians must keep their guns inside of a trunk/gear of a car when inside town, and keep sidearms holstered, failing to do so, in the worst case you may be shot by a police officer.

Come join in on the fun!

Edited by TW_
Updating Rules, Information & Changelog

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V1.3 Zargabad Life:-

-Added H-Barrier's to Street light's

-Swapped Jail front wall to H-barriers (Previous Barbed Wire was exploitable)

-NVG's added to Equipment Shop

Running 1700minute Runtime @ 50FPS

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V1.4 Zargabad Life:-

-H-Barriers Added Manually to street lights (Script Removed from V1.3).

-Gang Area's 1,2,3 & Jail Now have hedgehog spikes to stop vehicles running over civilians.

-Equipment Shop & Vehicle Licence are now near the Mosque ATM, so they are easily visible by new players.

-Objects Re-positioned (i.e "Land_GaurdShed" around most NPC's).

-Tractor added to truck shop.

-Shops named appropriately 1,2,3,4 etc (Robbable)

-Removed "Market Export" markers and NPC's.

-Removed "Waiting Area" markers.

-Removed "Alcohol Factory" markers and NPC.

-Map markers modified(Shops are blue, Drugs & Illegal activities/items are red and ATM's & Jail are green etc).

-MP5A5 added to Cop Patrol Officer shop.

-M47 Dragon removed and replaced with M136 Rocket Launcher in the Cop SOBR shop.

-Scorpion removed from Cop Criminal Response Shop.

-Newly designed Terrorist Base added.

-Terrorist Base "No Jurisdiction" Message & teleport is now removed (Cops may raid terror with 3+ cops, Just like Gang area's and Weapons Factory).

-Spike Strips now work correctly, Cops may deploy them where they wish, if a vehicle drives over them they are deleted and the vehicle slowly takes tyre damage over 10 seconds before the tyres are fully deflated (If no vehicle drives over them in 30 seconds they are deleted).

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Now running Operation Arrowhead V1.

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V1.1-V1.5 Zargabad Life (OA):-

-Minor updates on markers etc

-Small exploits fixed

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V1.5.1, V1.5.2 & V1.5.3

-Slaves fixed (previous models where not working correctly).

-Factory mass exporting (exploit) fixed.

-Shop's tidied up (in-game interface.)

Edited by TW_

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[No Longer Implemented]-Civilian radio settings & shouts removed (Direct,Side & Global Shouts.)

[No Longer Implemented]-Police radio modified to add raiding announcements global say messages (i.e "The cops are now raiding GA1") for all GA's, Firearm Fac & Terror.

-Civilian & Police Spawn points modified.

-Police no longer spawn with G17's.

[No Longer Implemented]-Global, Command & System chat's disabled.

-Mobile Phones, Repair kits & Refuel cans added to equipment shop.

-Price of snipers at Terror Hideout have been increased.

[No Longer Implemented]-Removed head-bug fixing

-Renamed texts in stringtable.. So it can be read properly...

-Bank capacity increased to 10million

That is all for now:banghead:

Edited by TW_

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Filling up for a good gaming night. Come play for some legitimate role play. ;)

All you need is Operation Arrowhead!

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