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America's army: setting up dedicated server

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Found this on another form and thought I'd post it here for anyone interested:

Navigate to the System dir of America's Army

Make a copy of Default.ini and rename the copy to hoho.ini

Open hoho.ini and make the following changes:

Find localmap=Entry.aao and change it to localmap=Pipeline.aao (there are a variety of options, look in the map dir for more maps)

Find the line that says ServerActors=UTelnet.TelnetServer and comment it out (add a ; before the line)

Create a batch file in the System directory with the following line: armyops.exe -server ini=hoho.ini

Run the batch file.

Now, this will create a dedicated server which people can join.

To connect to another server, pull down the console and type 'open <ip>'

If you want the server listed on GameSpy Arcade, the .ini should look like this:



;ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerAddress=master.gamespy.com MasterServerPort=27900 DoUplink=True



Some more settings:

Regardless of what the .ini says, default join port is 1617

Settings for max clients is under [Engine.GameInfo] as MaxPlayers=x.

The Admin password can be set under Engine.AccessControl.

Maximum Client Rate and such settings are under IpDrv.TcpNetDriver.

A comment from the TW forums on rate:

"I hosted a 6 player server off 45k/sec capped cable with a max rate of 7500. The players all pinged anywhere from 80-150. From experimentation, 5000-7500 is definitely playable. "

You can set the Server Name and MOTD and other settings under under ]Engine.GameReplicationInfo]

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That's awesome.

My friend just told me that AA MP is an amazing game... But I haven't tried it yet.

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Sweet. Ive been seeing some people put their own servers up now but i went to one and it lagged like hell. Nice they are putting more and more severs up. God im glad i didnt have to work there yesterday...Must have been chaos...

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