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TVT 144 Dogfighter objective based

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TVT_Over_The_Reich_I44_v3a.Chernarus By Jigsor

Axis Vs Allies Objective based Team Vs. Team WWII Dog Fighter

Randomization has been priority in developing this mission to improve replayability.


Dedicated Server, Hosted Server, Multiplayer, and JIP compatible.

Old fashioned dog fighting with no locking AA.

2 Sides, 14 vs. 14.

3 squads per side.

Each squad has AI playable units and AI can be disabled.

All aspects of Weather and time are configurable in parameters including wind.

Weather is synchronized across players and supports JIP.

Disable/Enable radio AI radio chatter in Params.

All objectives and markers Updated and synchronized to JIP player.

All objectives are chosen and assigned by server in random order.

Currently there are 8 main attack/defend objectives plus a regenerating bonus objective.

4 of the objectives spawn in completely random positions.

2 objectives spawn at randomly chosen preplaced marker positions.

Each objective is guarded by AA from their respective sides.

An additional AA squad is spawned randomly within 400 meters of AO center.

The Side/Bonus objective is the same for both sides. Sides compete to finish the attack objective first while primary objective is still in effect.

The bonus objective respawns in a completely random position after its destroyed and is guarded by independent AA

Colored wingtip smoke helps identify side and squad.

One wingtip's smoke color is either red or blue depending on team side. The other wingtip's smoke color is dependent on the squad name. Each squad/group is named after a unique color. Can be disabled in Params

Some objectives are timer based. Ex; destroy target before timer runs out or defend target until timer runs out.

Master timer duration can be set in parameters.

Timers are MP friendly and synchronized across players and server. The timers utilize server time and are independent of server/client frame lag.

Up armed aircraft can be enabled in parameters.

Some of the up-armed cannons will paint targets.

Aircraft repair, refuel and rearm at airfields. (Roll to complete stop)

AI air patrols and counts can be set or disabled in parameters.

AI Air Patrol way-point type Parameter can be set to Guard AO or Hunt Players.

Celery Easy Fly can be enabled or disabled in parameters.

Defenders can transfer To AO at side flag and man empty static guns.

Allies can transfer between their bases at side flag.

Attack/Defend Objectives:

Naval Fleet


Fuel depot

Illumination Towers

Radio Towers

Intercept/Deliver Cargo


Power Plant Smoke Stack

Bonus Radar Objective

Required mods:


Invasion 1944

Mission was designed with the following builds:

Arma 2 Combined Operations Patch Version 1.62.95248

@CBA Build 187

@CBA_A2 Build 8

@CBA_OA Build 6

@I44 version 2.666

Many community scripts as well as original scripts are contained in this Mission.

Credits given in mission to Authors and BIS.

Inspiration by GITS Evolution and my Father.

Please report any problems in this thread.

See you on your six!

To follow:

I44 2.7 to include new aircraft

Unsung port.

Arma 3 moded port





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