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Hi just wanted to know if some hase the gear that is not listed on the official wiki.

Such as Handgrenades, Mines, Stachel etc. for US.

Do the americans have stationaries? Dont see any in the editor. (AT, AA, Mortar etc.) a bit lame for a DLC not to have Static MGs and such ...

THanks in advance ...

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LIB_US_Mk_2 ----> Magazine

LIB_US_Mk_2 ----> Ammo

LIB_US_M18 ----> Magazine

LIB_US_M18 ----> Ammo

LIB_US_M18_Red ----> Magazine

LIB_US_M18_Red ----> Ammo

LIB_US_M18_Green ----> Magazine

LIB_US_M18_Green ----> Ammo

LIB_US_M18_Yellow ----> Magazine

LIB_US_M18_Yellow ----> Ammo

Or are these`?

---------- Post added at 19:22 ---------- Previous post was at 17:34 ----------

[LIB_US_M1A1_ATMINE_mag] [LIB_US_M3_MINE_mag] found for mines

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Quiet lame indeed... I bought dlc to support the devs... Kinda shocked they released it missing critical info like strategic/static weapons :( especially considering they hold such tight control over modding.

Also very disappointed they didn't included better D'Day sea vessels or defensive german bunkers.

still loving the game tho :D... I trust they'll fix this with a patch or something :)

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