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21st SF group recruiting

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If you are looking for a clan to play with strategy, use the teamplay advantage look no further.

We are here for 1 2 moths now , we have only 6 members so far, so im sorry if i don't bring any material to show ourselves because this clan is in developement sofar.


-We work as real special forces with detachments of 12 soldiers, with special habilities.

-We use ranks and other identities to make the command chain easier.

-We do obligatory trainings in order to get the best performance into battle.


-We play combined ops with other clans.

-We play fun games such as domination or insurgency " others "

-We use ACE and ACRE to bring realism.


-Videos: no but we'd love to make some.

-Website: same as before.

-We got teamspeak running.

-We need someone to edit our missions.

-We got server running not so efficient though ,and not 24/7.


-Be Respectful with other team members.

-There's no age requirement

-Know how to follow when it's time to and lead when it's time to aswell.

-Know english atleast understand it.

-Have fun and really like arma : )!

Send a PM providing Skype or x fire or any other asset for communications and a PM will be sent with the information in order to play with us.

Thanks for reading.

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