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No serial code required/and serious stuttering problem in vehicles

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Can anyone help!

Just downloaded digital version from steam.

The game has run first time and has not asked me to enter the serial code I was prompted with at first set up

The games runs very smoothly on high settings when as infantry men, and with planes flying around a lots of other interaction "BUT"

as soon as I set foot inside a vehicle or aircraft, the game starts choking and spluttering as if some sort of micro chip has got stuck in its bottle neck!.

No seriously this is ruining the quality of the game play, frames go from a steady 30 down to -5 and its unplayable.

Has there been anything I have missed that has dealt with this issue, as I have only just purchased it, and know it was released in may.

Just for info, im running arma2 OA no problems

Thanks in advanced:D

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This is a bit dissapointing, 24hrs gone and no response, is there a proper set up for this game in terms of support, or is it just a quick merger money spinner?

Pissed coz its a great sim, with this era, Help!!! Please

Many thanks

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Ok I have now found out what is making the stuttering happen.

after finding the proper Iron Front Liberation forum and read someone mention the xbox controller for windows, which I am using.

Loaded the game without the controllers USB plugged into the pc, and walla, im flying with all the finesse I should be able too :D

I am happy now.

Hope this helps someone else

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