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BE Warfare 2.073 for Iron Front (work in progress)

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Version 1.3:

Please check official Iron Front forum:


+++ World WARFARE alpha 1.0 - Iron Front 1944 edition by LiUKanG based on Benny Warfare 2.073 from Arma 2 +++

**** Server is online **** YOU REQUIRE THE DLC in order to play!!! ****

(Server name: World Warfare - (IF44 v.1.65) (veteran) Dedicated Server @100mbit)

1st version of World Warfare is online,

join the war Germans vs Russians with Allied Forces being the Resistance.

Enjoy and Merry X-Mas ...

Briefly what warfare is: Its a hole command and concquer scenario taken from Arma2 to work with Iron Front. Its like a hole war campaign and you can be part of it.


** Percistent battlefield with progression of Units/Vehicles

* Control a hole AI squad

* buy units/gear from main base

* capture towns to get more income for funds and supply points

* built factories / upgrade factories

* GUI buy menu adopted to work with IF44

* Dynamic weather effects

* AI squad leaders buy units

* commander can built base/ factories

* commander can coordinate AI squads attacks

* Construction menu labels (language, german, english, russian,italian, french)

* units range from infantrie, vehicles, tanks to airplanes

* each level of factory provides the battlefield with different type of units (e.g. lvl 2 of barracks will provide you with mg gunners and snipers)

* Faction Static defenses for town, bases

* German/Russian/American units/gear implementet

* Buyable groups by AI (Templates: Infantrie platoon, Tank platoons, Infantrie with halftrack etc.)

Future implementation/Work:

** Moveable rain areas, dont work yet (have to work out how to implement it into Iron Front)

** Tweaking of AI group templates

** Different factions to battle each other (e.g. Americans vs Russians - Germans as resistance)

Here is a how to for beginners:



http://www.bnl-media.co.uk/pic/map.jpg (206 kB)

*** this will mainly be for the DLC ***

The lack of independent units of the core game make it hard to work as a full conquer style map. So I added Americans now as a resistance force.

Later on will be chooseable which side fights on different possibvle resitance.


+++++++++++++Please help to get rid of the bugs, by reporting it to this thread.+++++++++++++++

Here are some work in progress pictures:




For those that don't know about warfare http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?138805-Warfare-BE&highlight=bennyhttp://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?138805-Warfare-BE&highlight=benny:


Being a Conquer the Island gamemode written from scratch, the main objective of Warfare BE is to either conquer all the towns or to destroy the enemy base.

Two or three sides fight for the control of the island !

During the fight alot of features will be available to you like:

Units Purchase: You may purchase infantry or vehicles from base or towns.

Gear Purchase: A custom loadout may be purchased from Barracks or from towns, templates may be created too!

Tactical Support: Artillery, paratroopers, supply paradrops or even ICBM may be called to assist you all along the game.

Town camps: Town camps may allow you to respawn in a town if killed near but it will also allow your enemies to capture it! it is also possible to destroy and repair them.

Repair trucks: Repair trucks will give you the ability to construct some defenses or FOB, they are also able to repair the MHQ if destroyed.

The commander is the leader of your side, only he may build the base and set the income distribution, all team leaders shall always listen to the commander. The commander is the only one which is able to perform upgrades and assign orders, he can be elected by the vote menu anytime in the game.

Towns need to be captured and held by your side, to capture a town, you simply have to stand next to the depot while no enemy is around, but watch out ! the town occupation may try to defend it ! Capturing camps will decrease the time needed to capture the town while providing you a potential respawn.

Funds are earned by capturing town or completing objectives, killing enemies will also reward you with a bounty bonus, funds may be used to purchase units and gear. An income is generated every minute based on the supply value held.

Supply is earned by capturing and holding towns, the supply is used to build structures and to perform upgrades along with funds. A town which has a Supply Value (SV) of 30 will generate 30 SV and 30$ for the team.

Parameters allows you to play with a different setup all the time, nearly everything can be changed (AI, base, environment, economy, gameplay, module, respawn, towns...).

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I really start to dislike this game. No Independent will make battles a bit more singlesided.

Well I will make a map like stalingrad, Russia vs Germans.

Cant really implement an indipendent faction as they just want to shoot each other, or dont shoot the russians or wise versa.

Until someone can create Independent units. This will be it ...

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You can just use west or east units for independent side.

As long as its scripted the group defines the side, not the class name/side of the unit class.

Just use some special models not used by the two main factions.

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Well it is a bit weired,

when I assign to GUE units from Russia for example tank crew with overroll and i dont use them with any normal russian faction. They are being maned to the defenses.

But when I assign a t34 or any other static defense they start shooting each other, and dont shoot russians. WEll, i am programming for a week now, and maybe too much of coding for me atm.

I need a break, but i am getting closer to it. Everything works, except the indepenend groups.

Well I need to restructure the hole BE warfare maybe ....

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Well it depends on how warfare BE spawns the unit. Maybe contact Benny for some help/advice.

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Ok, first alpha seems to work and server is running it.

Building scenary Stalingrad (staszow) ...

Will open server once I know it works ...

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Ok, done. Official "alpha" test starts now:

BE Warfare 2.073 - IF44 v.1.65 (veteran) 100mbit Dedicated Server


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tried it.

conclusion: Now is a pre-pre-pre-alpha version.

Not playable yet, a lot of bugs, problems with markers and a lot of script errors (use -showScriptErrors at commandLine)

I think would be better if you would have continued to develop this version, it working and playable now.


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Gosh, working all day to find a bug, only to figure out they changed some buildings names ...

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Keep up the great work, had much fun testing the mission a moment ago. Ran very smooth. Hope to seem more and more players soon. :cool:

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Goog Idea WarfareBE (Best ArmaII mod with Dayz) for Iron front but you need to share your map with the community because there is not a lot of players in the multiplayer of IronFront,the game don't have Warfare mod by default so the game really need it.With the maps we can test it locally and report bug/improvements.

Great job :)

Your version includes new units from the D-DAY dlc?

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